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I LOVE these movies...I haven't seen any of them for AGES but I remember some of it and find hilFUCKINGarious...
Wednesday is sooo cool! And Uncle Fester and Mortitia (sp?) is great!
Lol i am pretty crappy at reviewing films...oh well...
ANYHOO...yo get my drift, right? I think The Addams Family is FABBY!
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The casting is amazingly good compared to the original television series actors. It's very funny, creative, inventive special effects and tremendously entertaining. There are a few slow stretches, but nothing major. a perfect movie.
From then...

Music: Bl
The Addams Family: 7/10

The Addams Family (1991)

This is a great dark comedy. It's not perfectly accurate as far as the original TV show is concerned but it's still a very entertaining movie and one I have watched countless times. I thought this had great casting choices for the characters as well.
I was not a fan of the TV show so it wasn't that big of suprise that I wasn't a huge fan of the movie. Some laughs.