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It was great movie but i don't think it's not based on story. I guess not.... this was beautiful children from old school and yearbook.
Really nice movie. i guess things have changed, when a movie set in 1965 the one true outcast is the redhead and the black kids are not even messed with, in fact even messing with the redhead.
one of those wonder years/stand by me genre films. Very well done though and despite the possibility of coming off cheesy or sappy like any of these nostalgic movies can often suffer from, this one keeps it sweet and honest with a touch of moral fiber, without coming off as an after school special on the Christian network, or a Disney film gone wrong. Heartfelt simple a worth watching if ya want to feel good and smile.
It's a beautiful movie !
About tolerance.
It's weird to see how people were thinking at this time...but well, the recents events have proved that lot of people intolerant still exists..that's a shame...
Cute movie, really !
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