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She said "Luke I am your father."
what did she say at the end? I didn't catch it :-(
HD out Enjoy. I know I am. Cheers...
@Jamsey700-They should be out soon. The DVD comes out May 14th. I'm looking forward to watching this, too
havent seen any of the oldones but thought this was good worth a watch 8/10
i dont know why people are saying this movie was awful..i thought it was pretty good movie, myself.
Folks, this is not a remake. This is just another sequel, and a terrible one at that.
Wow I thought everyone REALLY wanted to see TCM??
SO I thought heck I'll give it a try myself.
its not my cup of tea. 6/10. Yes actually a plot.
It was ok, actually had a plot this time
yup agree i Hampster lol great remake not bad ")
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