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A lot of bad reviews below so took me awhile to watch this. The movie was actually not bad. Interesting view into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre concept. Over use of the chainsaw and I don't find that to be the best weapon for any type of fighting lol. Leather face wields a chainsaw better than a Samurai wields a sword...apparently. 6/10
She said "Luke I am your father."
what did she say at the end? I didn't catch it :-(
HD out Enjoy. I know I am. Cheers...
@Jamsey700-They should be out soon. The DVD comes out May 14th. I'm looking forward to watching this, too
havent seen any of the oldones but thought this was good worth a watch 8/10
I liked this movie. It was a good twist on the story. 8/10!
i dont know why people are saying this movie was awful..i thought it was pretty good movie, myself.
Folks, this is not a remake. This is just another sequel, and a terrible one at that.
Wow I thought everyone REALLY wanted to see TCM??
SO I thought heck I'll give it a try myself.
its not my cup of tea. 6/10. Yes actually a plot.
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