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Surf's up
Not very good weird

Worth renting and watching once

Planet Terror
Very strange not sure if it was good or not

Knocked up
A bit slow

I actually enjoyed this movie, good action and fast enough paced

Sony Pictures is keeping pace with the other giants of the animation industry: Pixar (recent release RATATOUILLE) and Dreamworks (new release THE BEE MOVIE starring Jerry Seinfeld's voice). In fact, I'd dare say that SURF'S UP may top these other two simply by the nature of its filming technique.

Whereas animation has made technical leaps and bounds over the past two decades, it has not, however, done much to improve the rather bland storytelling that comes with it ('desperate hero struggles, fails, gets back up, tries again, succeeds, marries the hot chick, end of story'). And although Surf's Up slips into this clich

When this movie got here and i realized i didnt change my netflix list in a very very long time, i was debating on whether or not to watch and, and, sure enough, i did.
This movie had enough humor to keep kids and adults watching over and over again .
With random humor, joke humor, satire humor, dark humor, this movie is just plain hilarious.
With wonderful voice overs by almost everyone, this movie may very well be the best animation ive ever seen without getting to fancy.
And with the humor and the mockumentary genre, at many parts i felt as if i was watching the office.

Comedy / Mockumentary
Fans Score: 9
Critics Score: 8
Surf's Up
Surf's Up was cute and funny - immensely original and entertaining. The filmmakers did everything right. It's no classic, but it IS one of the most entertainging films this year. Good script and characters: I wouldn't put an Oscar nod past this.


Surf's Up (2007): "There's more to surfing than beating Tank Evans, you know." - Geek

Sony Pictures Animation takes us behind the scenes of the Penguin World Surfing Championships to bring us the story of Cody Maverick of Shiverpool.

A sweet story by Christopher Jenkins and Christian Darren and an awesome follow-up to the surfing film "Riding Giants." Mary Hidalgo picked an terrific cast: Shia LaBeou's (Holes) voice brought Cody Maverick to life. Excellent soundtrack!

I strongly recommend that you get both movies and watch "Riding Giants" first, then "Surf's Up." Oh, invite your skater/surfer/snowboarding friends and have fun!
First penguins march, then they danced, now the surf talk about evolution. This is a good animated movie with many funny parts. Don't over look this funny penguin movie.

This was pretty entertaining and had several funny moments. Shia LaBeouf shows in this that he can be good in an animated film too. Other than that, there's not much to's a penguin movie and penguins are awesome so check it out! :up:
RATING (0 to ****): *

Sitting for around two months until I decided to return "Surf's Up" to Netflix, the rest of my family asked me where it was the next day. After one of us was sound asleep and my sister and I were sitting there bored stiff, I wished the mailman came later so he could have picked up this stinker and we wouldn't have wasted 78 minutes of our lives.

Its advertisements were a clear indicator to avoid the film, but on the basis that it was mediocre; the two remotely funny parts were only mildly so, and rare in the transition from trailer to final cut, these jokes are actually less obscure. Most of the jokes, really, aren't even jokes, and sadly, this one has more toilet humor than family audiences have likely seen for a while.

The film actually starts out harmlessly enough, working like a mockumentary about penguins who surf. Unfortunately, it then delves into yet another groaner like "TMNT"- yes, you guessed it, "Surf's Up" becomes excruciating as it gets more and more preachy. The message of "winning isn't everything" is nailed into our heads, even as the end credits are about to start.

Of course, for any mediocre animated film intended for kids, you would expect a point two-thirds of the way in which all of our main characters break up and we get into a somber 3-minute montage. In "Surf's Up" however, it happens twice, as it slowly but surely abandons the mockumentary style for a more traditional, boring narrative.

When it finally, mercifully ended, my sister and I looked at each other with the same unamused glare that we held through the last 30 or so minutes. I expected something mediocre yet passable. "Surf's Up" is awful and tedious. And if all you care about is giving your kids a good message via CGI animation, "Cars" has pretty much the same one; it's also a lot cleaner.

MPAA: PG (mild language and some rude humor)
Runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes (78 minutes of "real movie")
Surf's Up
Starring (Voices) - Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges, Zooey Deschanel, Jon Heder and James Woods

Surf's Up does surprinsingly well having in mind that it's just another penguin film surrounded by two other superior penguin flicks, Happy Feet and March of the Penguins... yeah this new feature really had some expectations to fill, however, it turned out to be somehow a funny and entertaining animated experience.

PLOT: 6.0
THE HIGHLIGHT: The animation is flawless, specially the surfing parts.
While, it may not have the musical appeal of Happy Feet , it does have an uniqueness about it. At the very least, conceptually it does. I found that most people think that an animated mockumentary about surfing is lame and niche on its own. Featuring penguins? That's the straw to break the camels back. Yes, they'd say that as much as they've used "gnarly" and "dude" in their write-ups. Like Cars and A Bug's Life, there are critics panning it for having too many similarities with live-action affairs such as Riding Giants and Step Into Liquid. The naysayers who actually saw past that, say it relies much on potty humor, and has an unlikable protagonist. The most shocking of these negative critiques are those who claim that the animation is sub-par.

The film I saw had some fucking innovative animation. An example being, traces of sand in our protagonist, Cody's, wet feathers. There are tons of SHOWING OFF in the most realistic water effects, yet! The character designs aren't photo-replicas of the actual animals (that Happy Feet did dead on). Instead, they went for a cartoon look that infuses tribal marks and surfing trends, which meshes together in a fitting and refreshing setting. The animators go through the trouble to show us the small, intimate moments that most any film would overlook. It captures that documentary feel from the beginning and never really loses that illusion.

The voice-talent is incredible! Jeff Bridges goes leaps and bounds with his character. There hasn't been a 3-D film like this where I've strayed on the brink of the Uncanny Valley and related so much. The equally over-exposed actor Shia LaBeouf makes Cody, an endearingly believable lead. Jon Heder does his best work as a flipping chicken. Zooey Deschanel works her way into any boy's heart as she did in Almost Famous. The rest of the cast falls into place. Though, what the Sony wizards manage with their creations to match the eyes and body language with these voices is compelling stuff.

Let's not forget the soundtrack! Having Sony's expertise and licensing library, made putting together a likable compilation of sounds easy. Though, very little of it is new, it's a velvet glove with the action and drama on screen. The musical score by Mychael Danna is probably the most accessible Philip Glass you'll find. I'm hoping that it makes its way to a disc sometime soon, so I can be moved by the swells and underscore.

There's a simple message here and it is not the least bit original. It lacks cynicism and doesn't feel tacked on. It's uplifting, and I love it. I love it all.
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