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Sunshine 2007

A team of international astronauts are sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057...

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Solar rating: 8.3


Imdb rating: 7.3



Although this movie had a lot of exciting moments, I didn't find it satisfying. It fell flat somewhere.
I still don't understand why this film devolved into Even Horizon in the third act. Did the writer/director/producer look at Event Horizon's failure and say, "hey, I'd like a piece of that"?
Watched "Sunshine" Didn't remember this one but thought I would give it a try. This is a sci-fi movie set in the future with astronauts on a mission to reignite the sun using a fission bomb.The movie starts out a little slow but picks up and goes decently with some good action and surprises.There are some discrepancies with the movie but if you can overlook them then it's not too bad.Not a bad watch overall but not great either.I would give this a 6-7 out of 10 stars.
tried to watch this several times b4..could never get into it ..gave it another shot today and well....meh!! similar to event horizon but nowhere near as good.....6/10
Funny, I remember watching this years ago, and didn't think it was any good at all. Then I happened to see all the good reviews here, and something got me thinking: "Hm, don't I have this on DVD somewhere?". And I did, as part of a 2 for the price of 1 thingy I bought a long time ago. Popped it in, and sure enough, it's a very good Sci Fi. I must have zoned out the first time around of something, because this time I really liked it. Easily a 7.5 to 8/10 from me.
Watched it 2nd time and made alot more sense. So I do not spoil the plot and ending I must have dozed off 1st time viewing right before the 3rd act which has been brought up in comments below.
2nd viewing I caught what I had missed 1st time and really tied it together. Still think ending needed more but I highly recommend seeing it regardless. I give movie a solid 8 / 10 rate.
Well...This is a brilliant movie. Terribly disappointing third act though, imo.
I agree with you 100%. I love this film.
This is one of the first flicks I watched on Solar. To this day, I cannot say enough about this movie.
It really hits the numbers right. From the interior of the ship to the end. No, it is not some "Aliens" epic...there is no Ripley....there is so "nuke em from space" moment. What there is is a simple evaluation of how people should act in a bad situation.
Wait for the last :30 or :60.
It is worth the wait.
One of the best sci-fi films ever made imo. But it's for the empathic/thinker/dreamer type of person who's maybe a bit spiritual, who enjoys emotional epic-music a la Brian Eno and who understands physics stuff like the sun's gravitation slowing down time.
If you're looking for aliens, star fleet battles and fast paced action, this movie probably isn't for you (but give it a try anyway cause it's a beautiful masterpiece)
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