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Sucker Punch 2011

A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the mental facility...

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@RedSpot no. watch the whole thing. if you don't you miss its essence.
@Titoisagod Exactly. People say how sexist this is, but really it's a satire. I'm a girl and I really liked it.
Young girls in skimpy suits fighting monsters? Once I was afraid what others will think of me when I told them I absolutely love this movie. Can't be bothered anymore, there should be more movies like this. This is what movies are about, fantasies and escape.
just for anyone that didnt know, this movie is a commentary on feminism, its movements motivations and hypocrisies, and a parody of the classic "nerd fantasy" all wrapped up in one great social commentary.
i think 99% of people that watch this movie completely miss its point, which is why i love it so much.
i actually really like this movie. Im a big gamer so a lot of the stuff was right up my alley.
Bit of advice for anybody not feeling like watching a bit boring 'very long' intro - skip to minute 25-26 of the video, you'll start watching where the movie 'really' begins which probably makes it a lot more interesting.
idk how i got suckered into watching this at my buddies house, but it was total waste. the visual was amazing and the sound wasn't up so i read lips sometimes. this felt like an adult version of a bedtime story. i won't be giving the sound a second look
good movie, good soundtrack, good story - overall good entertainment. Has a bit of a videogame feel to it right up my street !! 8/10

i most aggre awsome movie

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