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As a big fan of the book, "Stuart Little" was incredibly disappointing.
Family movie all the way! I never could decide which one I liked best, the 1st or the second one.. Stuart little is such a cute little rodent
A Good Movie!
Well, sure why not. Every human in the film pretty much accepts a talking and walking mouse with not much more than a raised eyebrow or two, so we are expected to accept it too. That's not that hard if you remember this is a fantasy story. If you can accept the other stuff fantasy films put out there, you can accept a talking mouse. The story is pretty good and carries a nice message of acceptance. The music and acting never hit a high mark.
Here's some film ratings.
Stuart Little (1999): 6/10

a nice little family movie with alot of heart. a really fun story, pretty good cast, and some good funny moments-and proof that little kid from jerry maguire can still play nine:D
a clever yet boring childrens movie with nothing new
66 percent???? whatt???
this is a classic, hands down
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