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Step Up 2006

Tyler Gage receives the opportunity of a lifetime after vandalizing a performing arts school, gaining him the chance to earn a scholarship and dance with an up and coming dancer, Nora...

Release Date:
August 11, 2006
104 min
Anne Fletcher ...
Channing Tatum, Anne Fletcher, Josh Henderson, Katherine Hoskins Mackey, Jennifer Rouse, Jordan Michael Coulson, Thomas W. Stewart, Adam Shankman, Zachary Woodlee, Laura Edwards, Whitney Brown, Anthony Carr, Jamal Sims, Isaiah Washington, Drew Sidora, Frank Ferrara, Samantha Zweben, Joanna Becker, Thomas M. Hagen, Nicole Catrice Keller, Chris O'Brocki, Bruce Allen Dawson, George Hubela, Tony Devon, Kawan Kean, Towanda Underdue, Pamela Fischer, John Leslie Wolfe, Chris K. Layman, Alyson Stoner, Melvin Jackson Jr., Caleb Landry Jones, Jen Carden, Natasha Sattler, Rachel Griffiths, Deirdre Lovejoy, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Damaine Radcliff, De'Shawn Washington, Mario, Tim Lacatena, Heavy D, Jane Beard, Richard Pelzman, Carlyncia S. Peck, Ryan Sands, DeLon Howell, Dominique Boyd, Reina Poindexter, Angelica Huesca, Frank Herzog, Natalie Steinberg, Jamie Scott, Jiehae Park, Sheila Cutchlow, Karim Fawzy, Shiloh Monaco, Jeanne, Robyn Norris, Jeannie Ortega, Damien Escobar, Tourie Escobar, Jeremiah Griffin, Caitlin Kinney, Kevin Eugene Green, Javes Wiggins, Steve E. Carter, Donald Rheubottom, Donald Waugh, Michael Seresin, Larissa Rotnitskaya, Spencer Longmore, Leigh Bender, Rachel Dickey, Brett Frankel, Mehran Haq, Rachel Halden, Erik Heckert, Veronica Keszthelyi, Chris Liu, Sean Mik'ael Butler, Wes Wise, Eli Worth, Oscar Campisi, Adrienne Canterna, Tara Ghassemieh, Nikkia Parish, Ryan Rankine, Casey Lee Ross, Emily Bicks, Ashley Canterna, Sara Cato, Caitlin Gold, Shalyce Hemby, Stephanie Jingle, Rebecca Mejia, Michael Uriarte, Joshua Schulteis, Samantha Frampton, Adam Gericke, Antonio Hudnell, Julie Nelson, Mitch Cohn, Jonathan Finlayfon, Daniel Jones, Corey King, Jermaine Parrish, Steve Rodriguez, William Dontay Spence, Clarence Ward, Derek Brown, Shawn Michelle Cosby, Melissa Emrico, Sabrina Furr, Charles Hawkins, Joseph Nontanovan, Jameson Perry, Ashley Phipps, Denise Piane, Sarah Satow, Taylor Walker, John Alix, Mark Fangmeyer, Andrew Johnson, Kellie Corbett, Sherray Gibson, Lance Guillermo, Christin Henderson, Kirk Jennings, Monica Warr, Roddy Carter, Ted Borodaeff, Jeremy Bustin, Eddy Challita, Devraj Dasgupta, Alan Gates, Matt Hartman, James P. Morrow, Sandra Lynn O'Brien, Mina Pahlevan, Noah Schaftel, Leo Christopher Sheridan, JB Tadena, Shaunte Usual, Torell Vinson, Stephanie Ray Glass, Jonathan Langley, Emily Peachey, Kacie Smith, Jamie Marie Hannigan, Isaiah Washington, Caleb Jones ...
Drama, Crime, Romance, Music ...

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There is genuine chemistry between these two. They are so considerate of each other with their affections. A surreal magic is created when they dance. You can see them falling in love with one another.

I was most impressed with Channing Tatum. I recognized him from "She's the Man". He brought a tenderness that was most unexpected to his role. He's nice to look at and the boy can really dance. I also thought Mario did a great job as Miles. He looks like a young Chris Rock only more handsome. Ms. Dewan has wonderful facial features and she moves with a fluid style and grace.

This movie has a high watchablity factor. The music kicks and the dancing soars. I would have preferred an earlier resolution between Nora and Tyler, instead of him running in at the last moment to save the big dance number. As so often happens, in the movies, the director feels the need to provide the audience with that last minute shot of adrenaline.

The film is rated PG-13. My son is 9 and he loved this movie. He was dancing all the way out into the parking lot.

Rating: A-
Hey everyone,

A dance movie came out this weekend called Step Up staring Channing Tatum and Jeena Dewan. And it may be labeled as a chick flick but I disagree the movie is about reaching for and achieveing your dreams. I think that guys would enjoy it just as much as girls. Anyway on to my review. I personally love the movie it was funny, exciting, and heart warming. The dancing was excellent and well done. The character's strugles were all relateable and not too complicated. The subplots meshed well with the main plot and just added to the drama. The music was energetic and dancible. If you want to go see a person fighting to achieve their goals then this a movie for you.
So it wasn't hard hitting, or even very original for a teen movie. It was, however, entertaining for what it was. And DAMN they can dance.
The only part of this movie that disappointed me at all was the final dance scene. Other than that, I actually loved it.
All i going to say is go see it. it will be number 1
:fresh: i thought the movie wasnt that bad. its very similar to save the last dance which i dont really like. channing tatum is very hot and i really enjoyed looking at him the whole movie. the girl how ever did do much to make this movie believeable. shes a good dancer but is very bad at acting.
This was a fun movie. Worth seeing if you're in the mood for some fluffy entertainment.
This movie is basically professional dancers goofing off for 90 mins to create a "movie" atmostphere and then the last 10 mins they show off there skills in a mini dance number. My sister is in dance and has been for 20 years so I've seen plenty of Company and National dance numbers to know what to expect and this wasn't all that great a performance. For those of you who read my "Take the Lead" review, you know it wasn't all that hot. Well i'd rather watch that movie 10 times before watching this again. The acting was horrible and very perdictable to the point you could even probably quote it. The rehersal scenes were totally immature and for those people out there who don't particularly like hip hop dance will only see it as something to act goofy doing and not take seriously and learn from. In this movie, Tyler makes jokes and acts stupid anytime he should be acting serious for the sake of his partner. In "Take the Lead," there was at least Antonio Bandaras to save the film a bit but this film just is rerun trash. The only high points to enjoy in this flick are Milo, a struggling producer that shows himself a good musician at a couple of parties and Skinny, the preteen brother of Tyler's best friend. He is the only one in this movie that will make you actually laugh. Again I will quote what I said in my "Take the Lead" review.... Buy, Rent or Watch SHALL WE DANCE? That is a good quality dance movie that shows you the art of dance and not just a bunch immature kids goofing off.
Split between wanting to be carefree and happy (to keep stress off my mind) and also seem caring and concerned is tough. As my sister is in and out of the hospital this week, I took time to take her soon to the movies. He's 5 years old and I don't know if he understand how sick she really is. So he had to pick between 4 movies opening the weekend of Aug. 11th 2006. He choose :fresh: Step Up. I didn't care which movie we saw, they all looked pretty decent to me.

:fresh: Step Up did something most dance movies fails to do. It started out quick. It didn't drag out this tourture of a will they/ won't they, as far as do they had the guts to make it. They movie had heart and I liked that.
Step Up
RT Rating: 22 %
My Rating: 6
Box Office: 20 OW/ 20 Total So Far

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