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only watched shpring breakuss cuz Gooch Mane waz in it
Interesting, Glad I watched it but not a more then 1x.
For a movie I watched purely cause I wanted to see some spring break hotties and former Disney girls gone bad getting nekkid, well, it was a little different lol
It was like a T&A college fun movie that was trying to take itself seriously or something. I mean, it even had this out of nowhere and completely out of place solo song by the High School Musical chick in the middle of the movie that just felt... well... weird.
Then James Franco sucking on the gun haha! Honestly, I think he was the only character in the whole movie who, from what I could tell, was just happy he got to be in a movie about Spring Break and probably partied it up like crazy while filming haha.
Anyway, they are trying to pass this off as an artsy film father than what it really is, a movie that is extremely mediocre and in some ways, just bizzarre. Almost like the writers were colluding on some way to make a movie that could become a cult fav or generate enough word of mouth internet buzz by being "different."
3/10 for movie, +3 rating for each hot main girl = 6/10 from me
This is one of those you're going to like it or hate it flicks. As a female i kind of enjoyed it, wasn't really what I was expecting though. I give it a 6.
I gotta say. If you know James Franco, then you know he did a decent job here. Wasn't Scarface quality of a movie, yet still not bad either!! I give it a 5 all day.
This movie was fukkin gay you might like it if your a female thoe. The way the movie makes it look like it might be good but in reality the director fukkin sucked dic, but hell yeah my nigha gucci was in it
I feel like I lost some of my intellect watching this. Albeit the movie was crafted well, it was just plain stupid.
"Spring break fo-evuh....b***es"
I remember when this movie when it came out and was interested, but never got around to watching. Then I saw this article by James Franco recently (on and thought to give it a whirl.
It's a good flick. Weird and unconventional, but it moves and will keep you involved. Oh, and did I mention it was weird?
Honestly, I'm rather surprised to see all the negative feedback, I think too many viewers had the mindset and notion that this movie was supposed to be a "Project X"/roadtrip movie. However, I thought the film was done very well in a manner to catch a glimpse of what this generation is, specifically pertaining to females. James Franco is really the only one to be noticed for his acting in this film. The movie, aesthetically speaking, is remarkable, utilizing vibrant colors aided by the film's soundtrack. If you don't like it I can understand, but I would really suggest giving this film a chance and appreciated the take this film presents (plus, Vanessa Hudgens looks bloody hot as a blonde :p). 8/10.
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