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Awesome movie!
"It goes well over the speed limit to deliver the action!"
It's like Die Hard on wheels
Ignoring the horrible acting of Keanu Reeves, could you come up with a more redundant plot? Worthless tripe.
Exhilarating action and heart-stopping suspense. A wild ride that's a blast from the start.
Speed is a fast paced, heart pounding thrill ride. Keanu Reeves gives one of his most committed performances and Sandra Bullock does good as well.
Who'd of thought that an action movie with such a simple plot would work so well. With the great performances of Reeves and Bullock and the kickass action scenes. This movie is a top ten movie of the 90s.
How can you not like this movie? It's got a nice plot, nice special effects, nice actors. It's my favourite movie, partially because Keanu Reeves was a babe ;)
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