@Darthintrepid oh okay! you know, i think I saw one series for Spawn here on Solarmovie, is that the HBO series you were talking about?
I don't have kids. So definitely going to watch this.
Thanks a lot.
@jazzy7148 @Nazdroth The HBO animated series did better at nailing the story down. It was targeted at the main adult audience, while the movie ended up being what the dads took their kids to go see.
(If you decide to watch it, check it out first, before you let your children watch it. It has a pretty decent amount of sex and violence in it).
This one disappointed me at first, but I appreciated it more for what it was after that.
If it was the animated series that you watched first, this one made you sad. If this is the one you saw first, the series may shock you a little.
I remember being very disappointed by this movie when I saw it (17 years ago, really?), because I saw the trailer and thought: "Oh my god, this is gonna be awesome"
The trailer got pretty much all the good stuff in it, so I ended up sad.
It's not a bad movie though, definitely enjoyable, I just wish it was darker and bleaker, like the comics.
Still, if you like Spawn, you can watch this, it could have been way way worse, and some of the action scenes were very good. Note that it's kinda outdated now, but hey, it was before the superhero flicks crazyness.
I remember watching this as a kid and really liking it, in my book it's kind of like Mortal Kombat (except that was a video game and this is based on a comic), decent looking for the time it was made in. It's alright =) i did like the suit and cape though, I always thought his cape was awesome, that hasn't changed.
Spawn is a fairly decent movie but not as good as The Crow or X-men. This movie has a lot of glitches in it. The acting is not that good and the special effects could have been better. I am a fan of the comic book so thats proabaly why I liked it. I also thought his enemy was pretty funny. And let me tell you now this movie is very dark, darker than Daredevil. Anyways, if you are into Spawn comic books you should at least rent this movie. This movie gets a 6/10.

I really enjoyed this movie... i had always hoped that they would make another one
if you are a SPAWN fiend If you just want mind numbing action scene after mind numbing action scene.
Spawn (1997): 5/10

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