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I forgot that I use to read Solomon Kane comics as a kid...Remember as soon as he put his hat on...In the mood for a action adventure...Then watch this movie a solid 7/10...
This was an epic movie.What a great story & the effects
were amazing.What a great watch~8/10
Very good movie i'll give it 8/10
oh boy the ending was horrid. please spare me and tell me to only watch the first 5min and the last 5min. good message bad everything else. 4/10
Pretty good mindless entertainment with lots of violence but not much sex or bad language. My teenagers and I enjoyed it. Thanks to flevoman for the suggestion.
descent flick
nice one if you dont know what to watch, watch this one its a really nice movie

this was awesome...

Was a good movie a mix really to me like demon/zombie/gore/Bad Guy turned good guy movie lots of sword play. Give it a 9/10 rating. The main actor did well too. Good Triumphant over Evil

this movie rocked !

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