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I forgot that I use to read Solomon Kane comics as a kid...Remember as soon as he put his hat on...In the mood for a action adventure...Then watch this movie a solid 7/10...
This was an epic movie.What a great story & the effects
were amazing.What a great watch~8/10
Very good movie i'll give it 8/10
@polesauce I'm more of a Good Action/Sci-fi movie type... And this movie, for me, is just awful. BTW, I HATE romantic comedies...
Horrible movie, fell asleep while watching it...
oh boy the ending was horrid. please spare me and tell me to only watch the first 5min and the last 5min. good message bad everything else. 4/10
Pretty good mindless entertainment with lots of violence but not much sex or bad language. My teenagers and I enjoyed it. Thanks to flevoman for the suggestion.
descent flick
nice one if you dont know what to watch, watch this one its a really nice movie

this was awesome...

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