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@spotflare ah thanks for that :) its just one of those films that never looses its appeal and glad i came across it here ,
thanks again
@paddyjoemik ~ hover on the link.. a heart will appear.. hit it.. it will turn yellow.
how do i add this film to my favourites ?
Really funny and well constructed. When you have a lot of characters sometimes a few get sidelined but not in this movie. I don't think this was Brad Pitt's best performance by any means. Why does everyone say it is, I just don't get it lol.
haha, yeah Jam doughnut. Ah well we live and learn. :)
@joewit really ? haha i always thought it was gem
It's Jam pal.
who took the gem out of your donut, you did mickey, you took the f****** gem - haha, brilliant movie
You Will Not Want Your Time Back. A ....."I'm going to watch this again".
Brad...all time versatile actor with countless all time actors.
Get the movie ...with beers ..... and a bunch of homies .... Can't go wrong.
A real gem! one in a decade sort of movie, one liners galore,real gangster, great cast, Brad Pitt best from far. The last good movie Jason Stratham took part in before he sold out to hollywood... 10/10
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