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That was bizarre but it's impossible to look away! That was different, to say the least, and deeply disturbing. The long oratory by the old man was riveting. Not for everyone, but film lovers probably should see this one. 4/5 for originality and the ability to make the audience feel true horror.
Emily Browning is fantastic but this movie is very disturbing in an eerie kind of way. Frankly, I am not really sure if I liked the movie but it's different I'll give you that. An interesting watch if you are into a slow, dark, erotic, eerie kind of thing...
watched this on Netflix :O and it was an alright movie. Emily Browning was beautiful which is probably why I stayed for the whole thing.
one of those breath of fresh air type of movies meaning you are going to see some things you maybe never thought of know of or ever thought could be possible!! 8.9/10
what a strange movie that was........

Emily Browning is amazingly hot... story is dark and erotic... enjoyed it.

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