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Sky High 2005

Set in a world where superheroes are commonly known and accepted, young Will Stronghold, the son of the Commander and Jetstream, tries to find a balance between being a normal teenager and an extraordinary being...

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Despite every negative comment over here, i say its a good movie, but it is an family movie, i think this is a really great movie for children :D

OK, this movie just looks stupid. I mean come on. A kid who melts? They really must be out of ideas.
I saw a sneak preview of SKY HIGH last night. I was hoping it would be a comedy which poked fun at the unlikelyhood of superhero life.

I wasn't disappointed.

SKY HIGH is an exciting, smartly crafted, teen-action film which doesn't take itself too seriously. It's screwball fun at its finest with a small slice of AMERICAN PIE (no, there's no sex or nudity, I'm talking about the comic pacing), and the special effects are awesome.

Michael Angarano last seen in LORDS OF DOGTOWN, plays Will Stronghold, the son of The Commander and Jetstream, two of the world's most powerful superheroes. He does a great job as a guy who isn't quite sure where he fits in the world with parents so exposed to the limelight. It reminded me a little of Harry Potter's plight -- famous parents with a wayward son everyone expects great things from.

The school Sky High is full of everything you'd expect -- nerds, bullies, a cheerleading squad, divas who think they're all that, lunchroom politics, and teachers who drive home the old adage, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Throw in superheroic powers and a caste system between heroes and sidekicks, and the school becomes a chaosfest.

I loved every moment of it. SKY HIGH knows what it is -- a fun romp into a world where the children of superheroes, with all their powers, must face the same adversity as we humble mortals.

Oh, and the 80s music covers were a nice touch, something for the parents to look forward to should they bring their kids. I particularly liked the covers of The Fixx and Til Tuesday.

Still, the ending is Hollywood and the filmmakers know it, but the film doesn't fly off the tracks in the last few minutes. It immediately corrects itself, leaving you with a big smile on your face.

Go see it.
This made me think of my high school days, minus the fact the school was actually floating and had superheros running around...

Probably the music, which was pure 82 - 85 hits I love. Gimme some Soft Cell and I'm right back at Taft.

The film is solid, mostly becuase the folks at Disney have learned so well from Pixar how to drill down to every little detail regarding what it's like to be a superhero living among humans.

I was lucky enough to attend the prem at El Capitan and a super party after. While being star-struck is something lost on me, standing next to the Kelly Preston it's easy to see why she's a star.

Solid for a family to see. Solid for anybody who likes the Disney live action genre flicks.
My daughter Mandy and I saw a sneak preview of this movie and we LOVED it. Of course she loved it -- it's got everything she likes. Cute boys, colorful costumes, great music. But I was surprised how much I liked it. There were so many jokes that I was laughing at and Mandy kept elbowing me saying "What's so funny?" I just really like that the movie makers thought to put stuff in for us parents. Afterwards, Mandy said she wanted to see it again. And you know what? I'd see it again, to.

So if you're looking for a movie you can take the whole family to and everyone can enjoy it on their own level, Sky High is it.
I actually was impressed by this movie. I caught the first viewing at my local theater.

The cast/ensemble were great (meaning the teens/young adults). Michael Anagarano (known for WILL & GRACE) did a great portrayal of 'Will Stronghold'. Also Danielle Panabaker (known for STUCK IN THE SUBURBS and SEARCHING FOR DAVID'S HEART) was a delight to see. But, I think the person who I thought stole the movie was Steven Strait (up-and-comer in UNDISCOVERED) a strong presence in his character.

I think I could have done without the parents and their cheesy superhero suits. But overall, great movie IMO.

Next movie on my list: "Red Eye" featuring Cillian Murphy and the incredible hottie RACHEL MCADAMS (loved her in Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers)

welcome me to the movie blog party...
Bruce Campbell rocks. This movie basically makes fun of cheesy Disney films, and I don't think most people have really picked up on that. I thought it was hilarious, it exceeded my expectations.
Pretty much got what I expected from this one. I thought this one was okay, but thoughout the whole movie I had this "been there, done that" feeling, which made the movie quite obring for me. The acting is good though, surprisingly. Bruce Campell kicked ass like always. The movie though is pretty predictable and is cheesy and goofy, but it knows that and goes along with which works for the film. Still, I just thought this one was more boring than entertaining. There were thoughsome good, entertaining, scenes, but not whole lot. At least for me. Overall, Sky high is an average family flick that is worth at least a rental. This film gets a 6/10.
I saw the trailer for the Disney movie, Sky High about a month ago when I saw Batman Begins. At first, I was like, "ohh, another crappy Disney movie". Then I saw Bruce Campbell in the trailer. Still was thinking it'd be crappy and had no interest. Then I saw Dave Foley. Finally got a bit interested. Then noticed Kevin McDonald was next to him. Definitely interested.

I sort of was looking forward to this movie that looked like utter trash.

We saw it today. And you know what? It's actually not that bad. You know what else? I liked it better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The characters were all pretty likable (the ones you're supposed to like, anyway). Hell, even the ones that aren't supposed to be likable are funny.

Since watching Big Trouble in Little China, I was really paying attention to Kurt Russell. I must say I like him. Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald and Bruce Campbell were absolutely wonderful. In fact, I've fallen in love with Dave Foley all over again.

I want to hug Dave Foley.

You know what I hated, though? The really awful remakes of good '80s songs. Seriously, that soundtrack the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack seem like solid gold (for your information, I freaking hated the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack).

But all in all, good movie. I'd see it again.

Dave Foley, let's make out.
It's cute. I took my dd and dh today and it was a good "Saturday afternoon" kinda movie. See it twice? Well, no. It's very predictable (though I didn't really see the bad guy thing exactly right), but it's cute. But, I got to see several previews that I liked.