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Silent House 2011

A girl is trapped inside her family's lakeside retreat and becomes unable to contact the outside world as supernatural forces haunt the house with mysterious energy and consequences...

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Solar rating: 7.6


Imdb rating: 5.3

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Liked the original more.
not a scary movie at all. just a other OK movie with noting much going on 1 time watch 5/10
thanx dear- I do appreciate it!!
Not at all! It is My Pleasure to assist a fellow Solarian find what she wants for her viewing pleasure. Enjoy the show. Cheers...
okay, cool! I feel thanx-sorry 4 stressin u out!:-)
yes mam! This is English Remake of the one from Uruguay. Cheers..
wait- sorry, I had just woke up , still groggy lol- so this one and "The Silent House r the same?this is the English remake of the Spanish one?
the only ones I can ever get to work r putlocker,sockshare, and sharesix.what others r reliable?
thank u thank u!..I think I was looking at the wrong one-I think this is the right one!If theres an English version of both I guess I will check them both out anyway!!:-)
@amberduffer ---(English-language remake) entitled (Silent House)
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