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Signs 2002

A family living on a farm finds mysterious crop circles in their fields which suggests something more frightening to come...

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this was an amazing movie mel gibson and joaquin phoenix were excellent in this
Sounds like you dont like it at all. Lol. But well put review.
Yeah this movie was really good but totally ridiculous in my opinion.. I seriously doubt any life form in the universe is going to be burnt like acid by water. And aliens that can traverse light years though time and space, yet can't even operate a friggin doorknob show up 'naked' with their only weapon a little poison squirt gland in their wrist, and no suits to at least protect them from water??? And I'm sure that cornfield and every plant they walked through at 3AM was covered in dew. It would've been like walking though fire to those things. I've never liked most of his movies, he overthinks to much about his 'twists' and seems oblivious to the obvious.
When this first came out I didn't like the movie. This is my second time watching it and I really did enjoy it this time around.
@Oblite_oath...and i believe the human body is 75% water.
Awesome movie 10/10. This is my favorite of all the M. Night Shyamalan movies. A must-see for UFO buffs.
Well, the first time I tried to see this movie, I only saw the first half. (Never go see a blockbuster on opening weekend.)

The second time around was MUCH better. I already had high expectations going in, since I'm totally infatuated with M. Night Shyamalan. I'm so glad that I was not let down! I was a bit worried because I don't care for Mel Gibson - he's a GREAT actor, but I can't stand to look at him. He's got Caveman-syndome (think Sylvester Stallone.) And I was greatly surprised by the performance by Joaquin Phoenix ~ he's going to be a huuuuuge star, I'm sure of it.

Overall, I highly highly recommend this movie. It was just the right amount of creepy, and just the right amount of profound subplot. The only thing I disliked about this movie was Cherry Jones. She completely overacted her whole part and every time she came onscreen I wanted to puke. Still, though, GREAT movie. I don't care what anyone else says, it rocked!
Clearly not the best alien film of all time but definatley one worth recognizing. This film is amazing and the acting is great. Gibson and Phoenix are probably two of the best physical / emotional actors out there. The kids also give great performances. This film does and beautiful job of blending new visual effects with old style thrills such as only letting us hear the action or see only so much of the aliens for so long. This film does make you feel like you are one of the family members especially when running from the aliens or hiding from them. Shyamalan also acts in this film adding a little more to the role then possibly most actors could. This film is amazing and if you are any sort of alien film fan then you should watch this.
What a cool movie, I love Ufo's:cool: