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Fantastic movie that blends mystery, gunfire and ruthlessness together into a mix of short story lines that peak the imagination leaving you guessing. This movie was quite enjoyable.
I watched it once. It was filled with a hodgepodge of disassociated scenes, some amusing, some with tendentious shock value. Decent acting. But a very loose and unorganized screenplay that at times felt like it was barely held together with twine and scotch tape. You can tell the producers just dumped this in the editing room and hoped it would all work out in post. Sort of did. But not really.
remarkable that i've watched this film four times since it became available and haven't commented on it.. and now y'all have used up all the words.. so i reckon my comment is - 'i've watched it four times'.
That was a very good movie, very well written, very good cast and it's made to make you smile, which is always a good thing, while remaining serious and touching.
A good reflection about writing and movies. Well put together, very well executed. From beginning to end.
Great Movie, Great Cast, Cute's a keeper! 10/10
Could not ask for any more than this.
Highly enjoyable. I love offbeat things like this. A++ cast.
Decent movie overall.
Great movie
Its an ok flick. Its starts out pretty good but it gets dull, then picks up a bit at the end.
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