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Sergeant York 1941

A hillbilly sharpshooter drafted in WW1 despite his claim to be a pacifist, who ends up becoming a war hero...

Release Date:
September 27, 1941
134 min
Howard Hawks ...
Donald Douglas, Theodore von Eltz, Si Jenks, Clem Bevans, Ward Bond, Pat Flaherty, Selmer Jackson, Henry Hall, Tom Wilson, Rita La Roy, George Irving, Edwin Stanley, Joe Sawyer, Douglas Wood, John Dilson, Jack Pennick, June Lockhart, Frank McGlynn Sr., Tully Marshall, Harry Strang, Creighton Hale, Gary Cooper, Ray Cooke, Kit Guard, Roger Creed, William 'Bill' Phillips, Russell Hicks, Herbert Heywood, Edward Keane, Wallace Scott, Ray Teal, Guy Wilkerson, Jane Isbell, Walter Brennan, Eddy Waller, William Haade, Carl Esmond, Victor Kilian, Frank Marlowe, Frank Wilcox, Charles Middleton, Charles Trowbridge, Lane Chandler, Jody Gilbert, Ted Mapes, Patrick McVey, Harvey Stephens, George Tobias, Pat West, Erville Alderson, Sonny Bupp, Walter Sande, Elisha Cook Jr., Murray Alper, Charles Drake, Jack Mower, Lucia Carroll, William Forrest, Eddie Graham, Al Lloyd, Frank Mayo, Sammy McKim, Steve Pendleton, Jean Del Val, James Anderson, Frank Faylen, Arthur Aylesworth, Mickey Rentschler, Roland Drew, Victor Zimmerman, Clyde Cook, Will Stanton, Robert Porterfield, Howard Da Silva, Stanley Ridges, Noah Beery Jr., Joseph W. Girard, Frank Orth, Joan Leslie, David Bruce, Arno Frey, Frederick Giermann, Rolf Lindau, Sigfrid Tor, James Bush, Dick Simmons, Margaret Wycherly, Gig Young, Kay Sutton, William Yetter Sr., Lee 'Lasses' White, Dickie Moore, Nat Carr, Paul Phillips, Donald Douglas, Joe King, James Anderson, Eugene Beday, Kay Sutton, Ralph Urmy ...
Drama, History, Action, Biography, War ...
English, French, German

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Imdb rating: 7.8



Can anyone find a link for this flick? I've been hunting, and no joy so far. I love this movie.
Great film, superbly acted by all, especially the perfectly cast Cooper.
Good movie.
Comments pending.

Check out Mike's review of the classic Gary Cooper box set only @

This movie is about a young man who's name is Alvin. He spends much of his time drinking in the local taverns and causing a ruckus at night. He lives in a very small town where everyone goes to the same church and everyone knows that Alvin is the one causing all the trouble. One day something happens to Alvin to make him very religious. He then is drafted into the army even though he says its against his beliefs. The movie then shows you his life in the military.
Alvin is played by Gary Cooper very well. The rest of the cast is also good but I didn't know to many of them considering this movie came out in 1941. This movie is overly dramatic at times and the war scenes are quite dated. However, overall I still enjoyed the movie and even with a longer run time I was never bored with it.
Gary Cooper was born to play this role and he is perfect. Both halves work and the final scenes are pretty powerful.
Gary Cooper is great and the battle scene is as good as you'll see filmed in Hollywood in 1941.

Sergeant York (1941)

This is almost like watching to different movies. The first part plays out almost like a western, while the second half is a war movie. Either way, they're both entertaining. I think the only major complaint, although it was necessary for accuracy's sake, was the terribly annoying hillbilly accents from virtually every character from York's hometown. I actually hurt my enjoyment a little bit. Aside from that it's worthy of its accolades.
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