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What I find funny about this movie is that most people that watched it didn't even know that it is based off the tv show Firefly.
Never saw this before. It was an excellent sci fi film. If you did not catch it before it is well worth the watch. 9.5/10
In my humble opinion this still remains the one of best sci-fi film ever made.
Very good tribute to a good TV series. This had everything a sci-fi/action fan would want.
Fun flick, humorous, adventurous and actually kinda thought provoking to think of chemicals manipulating our physiological and biological humanity to become slaves to the elite...
River Tam is all 5th Element Badass!
Classic sci fi movie. totally awesome.
I felt movie is better then show, mostly silly
Watching it again.
Great flick. For years, I kept saying I would just sit and watch it sometime. Never imagined it would take 5 years to get around to that.
It was worth the wait.
I've been idle and have watched a lot of movies recently.. so maybe all that I have watched recently leaned me toward the 'just ok' review.. I'll check out the series soon though
I think it was definitely intended for fans of the series. It's hard to judge it as an independent film after seeing the series, so fans' opinions may be skewed a little towards it being better than (maybe) it actually is.
It's a great series, though, you should check it out. It's a tale that boggles the mind: good ratings, rabid fanbase, show is cancelled. Joss Whedon either made an enemy, or some producer was banging a studio executive into giving up the air time.
Perhaps it's because I had seen the series (a couple of times) before this movie ever came out, and was invested in the characters... But I find this to be far better than just 'ok'.
To this day the phrase "I am a leaf on the wind" still brings a tear to my eye.