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Semi-Pro 2008

Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of the American Basketball Association's Flint Michigan Tropics, rallies his teammates to make their NBA dreams come true...

Release Date:
February 29, 2008
91 min
Kent Alterman ...
Ryan Curtis, DeRay Davis, Phil Hendrie, Ian Roberts, Paul Rust, Will Ferrell, David Koechner, Jerry Minor, Andy Richter, Tim Meadows, Steve Bannos, Woody Harrelson, Jackie Earle Haley, Ed Helms, André Benjamin, Patti LaBelle, Mark J. Ferreri, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, Arne Starr, Collette Wolfe, Rob Corddry, Matt Walsh, Kate Luyben, Maura Tierney, Will Arnett, Kimberly Evan, Michael Westphal, Brian Huskey, MaShae Alderman, Charlie Gelbart, Erinn Selkis, Lili Asvar, Shawntay Dalon, David E. Brown, Andrew Daly, Charlyne Yi, Ellia English, Steve Seagren, Gil Glasgow, Terrell Byrd, Bruno Sandoval, Dante Henderson, Karen Berg, Ralph Kampshoff, Noel Conlon, Jay Phillips, Josh Braaten, Pat Kilbane, Sandy Sunshine, Byron de Marse, Laurie Curtis, Courtney Dell, Briana Barran, Clint James, Warren Sweeney, Peter Cornell, Rashid Byrd, Tyus Tillman, Leigha Kingsley, Kristin Pitts, Jenica Robinson, Scot Armstrong, Anthony Burrell, Dan Domenech, Steven Valdez, Grayson Boucher, Theo Caesar, Scott Campbell, Jeff Crispi, Hope Angelica James, Tom Massmann, Tiffany Michelle, Danny Mooney, Justen Naughton, Maria Zambrana, Eddie Mariano, Gary Teague, Gerard Averill, Mark Bonto, Brad Bores, Ryan C. Burney, Wesley Claggett, Scott Cordts, Sarah Elizabeth Dell, Jerry Fortuna, Ron Hawk, Samantha Nunley, Lyle Stevens, Ian Roberts, Ryan Curtis, Brian Bennett, Carley Bonchonsky, Isabelle Merey ...
Comedy, Sport ...

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Imdb rating: 5.8

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Not his funniest film (Will) but it still has it's moments. Wouldn't mind watching this again. The michigan Tropics what a weird name for a basketball team!!!!!!
**(out of 4)
"Will Ferrell has perfected the art of being a lovable moron, but Semi-Pro can't match his talents."
An odd mix of both good and bad.
This pretended to be a movie.
I pretended to write a review.
Except for the money I spent to watch it, we're even.
I'm a huge Anchorman fan and enjoy several comedies in the Will Ferrell cannon including Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights. For some reason I stayed away from Semi-Pro during its original run - even though I found the trailer pretty amusing. Though this review is coming out rather "late in the game," I just rented a copy of the DVD last night and felt compelled to say something. Sort of a cross between the pointed 70's satire of Anchorman and the goofball sports humor of Blades, Semi-Pro is ultimately less than either of those inspired films. This time out Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, an R&B singer turned owner and player of The Tropics, the worst team in the American Basketball Association. He hires a washed up former pro basketball player (played by Woody Harrelson) to turn things around. The film coasts on Ferrel's trademark off-the-cuff monologues and a patch-work plot taken from countless other sports films. Harrelson and co-star Andre Benjamin play their characters straight, giving the film a deicidedly uneven feel (especially compared to, say, the comicbook cast of characters in Blades). Director Kent Alterman seems to have given up halfway through the production, relying on Ferrell's often-surreal adlibs to save the day. Though the script by Scot Armstrong doesn't offer anything new, if you are a Ferrell fan you might find this film worth a rental.
All these movies not sure if I would recommend
very disappointing. has 2-3 funny parts and the rest is crap.

Semi-Pro is one of those films you've seen over and over again. It seems every year this type of movie slithers out, no, this movie is not horrible, but it isn't good, just mediocore at best. Yes, some of the jokes are worthwhile, but by the end I was left bored and repulsed by how reptitive this movie is.
you used to like Will Ferrall? me too, but after talledega nights, semi pro, and land of the lost I feel like I can't anymore.
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