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this movie is one of a kind
One of my all time favorite movies. I wish I had a Ramona lol. 10/10
As a fan of video games, comics and fighting this movie is awesome. Very close to the comics too even the set.
It was actually cute. And randomly stupid, I liked it.
Decent acting, decent random stuff all the way to the end. Decent plot. All in all I enjoyed it, it was really good. Kinda dreamy and zen on acid, on steroids.
Go for it.
this was a cute idea for a movie , and there are some kinda funny quirky characters. i found myself only half paying attention during the fight scenes....which made up most of the movie. i wish it had been a little less fight, and more of the random banter and fun.
this is how basically guys view there Gfs ex´s.
Good movie ..good music also good shot of Ramona's 'goodside'
i give it a 7.5/10.....entertaining...could not easily recommend to mass public but for those a bit would like
I have been wanting to see this movie for awhile and I've finally done so. It was fantastic. Kind of like a cross between video games and Kung Fu ninja, but only for our generation (Us youngins). If you get a chance to watch it, do so!
If you're looking for more flicks like this though, check out:
- KickAss
- SuckerPunch
- ZombieLand
- AdentureLand
- Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
(They're all, literally, awesome)