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Scary Movie 5 2013

A couple begin to experience some unusual activity after bringing their lost nieces and nephew home. With the help of home-surveillance cameras, they learn they're being stalked by a nefarious demon...

Release Date:
April 12, 2013
86 min
Malcolm D. Lee, David Zucker ...
Joel Rogers, Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg, Ashley Tisdale, Kate Walsh, Anthony Anderson, Clayton Landey, J.P. Manoux, Regina Hall, Simon Rex, Katt Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Jerry O'Connell, Terry Crews, Darrell Hammond, Anna Faris, Shad Moss, Audrina Patridge, Jon Gould, Molly Shannon, Kendra Wilkinson, Scot Nery, Sarah Hyland, Jasmine Guy, Tyler Posey, Ashley LeConte Campbell, Heather Locklear, Usher Raymond, Mike Tyson, Lidia Porto, Katrina Bowden, Kendrick Cross, Andrew R. Kaplan, David Zucker, Josh Robert Thompson, Angie Stone, Aaron Beelner, Christopher 'Critter' Antonucci, Amanda Jelks, John Atwood, Leigh Hennessy, Lane Carlock, Josh Turner, Marisa Saks, Ken Melde, Macsen Lintz, Gracie Whitton, Jwaundace Candece, Clifton Guterman, Sheree Whitfield, Ben Cornish, Kendall Keith, Erica Ash, Suelyn Medeiros, Kathy Walton Pulley, Emily Chandler Westergreen, Elizabeth Davidovich, Lil Duval, Sandy Simmons, Memi West, King, Michael J. Walker, Gabe Lustman, Mac Miller, Jeff Matthew Glover, Abigail Jackson, John J. Palomino, Angela Kerecz, Ozzy Ojito, Ava Kolker, Dena Rivera, Angela Raiola, Michael Howell, Faith Blankenship, Zoe Pessin, Mariama Diallo, Lucie Rivera O'Ferrall, Katy McKenna, Dathan Thigpen, Michael Jaegers, Scott Rousseau, Rosetta Gadson, Anna Skidanova, Dylan Morris, Juan Carlos Mejia, Marianne Hammock, Catherine Cospelich, Amanda Topper, Shannon Stough, Ryan Morris, Maui Tisdale, Jamie Elizabeth Kelton, Chris Durfy, Lewis Thompson ...
Horror, Thriller, Comedy ...

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Imdb rating: 3.5

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why they didn't put anna faris in this one. I watched earliear scary movies because of her. :(
I give this a 100%, I wanted charlie sheen to star though :/
@LordInfamous Yeah I just thought she would have been in it as well she was the main star and the black chick, and the two comedians. Also on the cast list she listed there.
@ven31 I totally agree. Ann Farris should have been in this. She is one of the things that made this franchise what is is today.
Still mildly funny in a crude way like always but where the heck is Ann Farris!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't decide which is the worst movie I have seen this year, this or Movie 43? Best part was the outtakes, & those weren't even very funny
it was ok.. some parts were funny; and since I have the other 4 on my shelf; I'll have to add this as well.. :) 6/10
95% of the jokes were cheesy time laps video of the one dude getting hurt in the most stupid ways. I was only able to get threw about 40 minutes of the movie i almost felt embarrassed for the cast making them self's look like moronic clowns only small children would be comfortable watching. Very disappointed in this installment of scary movie they stopped being watchable after the 3rd one i rate this waste of time .5/10.
Scary Movie 2 was the best out of all the series V""V
I can't decide if this was great or not. Some funny moments but also pretty redundant.
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