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, Scary movie 2 was hilarious. That man with the little messed up hand was so weird and nasty -___-. 9/10

Decent movie. Tori Spelling is amazing and looks sexy in that 69 shirt.

as good as the first one but ilike it bit more even though it is a bit silly
I tend to enjoy this series but not this one! Definitely the worst out of them all.
Disgusting, awful, terrible and simply "bad" - I can't think of anymore insults for this movie.
A sloppy sequel. Yes it's funny but it's amazing stupidity increases.
Scary Movie 2: 1.8/10
A gross-out comedy that is almost never funny, and is just flat-out dissapointing after the classic, classic first film
bad sequel that just never comes together. half baked ideas and a rushed storyline never captures the spirit of the first film.
Not a bad film or a good film but its ok its funny in parts not has good has the first one which was good a sloppy sequel with a few good bits in. Overall a ok film but could of been better.
It doesn't get much dumber than this. Oh wait, they made two more sequels...
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