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Scarface 1983

In 1980 Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel while succumbing to greed...

Release Date:
December 9, 1983
170 min
Brian De Palma ...
Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, John Joseph Brandon, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Paul Shenar, Ben Frommer, Mark Margolis, Charles A. Tamburro, Richard Belzer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Henry Kingi, Michael Alldredge, Johnny Contardo, Marcia Wolf, Ava Lazar, Gary Carlos Cervantes, F. Murray Abraham, Marii Mak, John Carter, Robert Loggia, Brett Ratner, Harris Yulin, Mike Moroff, Ronald G. Joseph, Michael Rougas, Pepe Serna, Angela Aames, Fidel Castro, Dennis Franz, Gregg Henry, Charles Durning, Michael P. Moran, Cynthia Burr, Tony Perez, Jim Towers, Gregory Cruz, Lana Clarkson, Geno Silva, Miriam Colon, Dennis Holahan, Mario Machado, Karen Criswell, Kevyn Major Howard, Santos Morales, Roberto Contreras, Linda Gillen, Joe Marmo, Victor Millan, Wayne Doba, Victor Campos, Lisa Katz, Caesar Cordova, Ángel Salazar, Manuel Padilla Jr., Albert Carrier, Lee Benton, Charlie Adiano, Dona Baldwin, Jorge Porcel, Al Israel, Richard Caselnova, Ted Beniades, Barclay DeVeau, Richard Jasen, Rene Carrasco, Arnaldo Santana, Paul Espel, Garnett Smith, Loren Almaguer, Gil Barreto, Heather Benna, Sue Bowser, Tina Leigh Cameron, Robert Hammer Cannerday, Carlos Cestero, Dante D'Andre, Richard Delmonte, Michel François, Edward R. Frommer, John Gamble, Troy Isaacs, Ray Martel, John McCann, Richard Mendez, Angela Nisi, Tony Pann, Ilka Tanya Payan, Barbra Perez, Anthony Saenz, Arnold Tafolla, Robert Vandenberg, Bob Yanez, Nancy Lee Andrews, Rosa Lee Benton, Margo Kelly, Emilia Crow, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Catharine Richardson, Pat Simmons, Terri Taylor, Jeanette Linne, Margaret Michaels, Rhonda Sandberg, Katt Shea, Marcus Shirock, Randall Rutledge, John Brandon, Gigi Martone ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 9.2


Imdb rating: 8.3

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My favorite movie. :) 10/10
besides dog day afternoon still my fav al pacino flick!
A young Al Pacino was a remarkable actor then and still is!
One of the most memorable classic movie I've seen.

One of my all time favourite movies

Entertaining but did not really live up to the hype
For once, I agree with the public. This film is a potential contender for my all-time favourite, I'd just need to watch it again to be sure. I saw a re-release of this at the cinema and I left it more hyped than I'd ever been. I was physically shaking. The music fit it like a glove, Pacino really shined, and the ending, though fairly cheesy, was awesome.
Let me address the ending a bit though. A man in shades (Terminator-style although this predates Terminator) walks up behind Pacino and shoots him with his shotgun and he falls into the fountain below. The man made an appearance a few minutes earlier and, at that point, I knew he was going to be the guy to kill him. Foreshadowing through cheese. Nice.
Another thing I'd say is that I saw the direction of the plot coming a mile away. I knew from pretty early on that if they were going to build him up like this, they'd have to break him down. Still, none of that detracted from the experience.
I'd take this over The Godfather anyday.
cant really say much about this film as it would of been said a million times before but i loved it and ive seen it 100s of times and its still brilliant, i can see how if your not a fan of this genre you might not like this film but i put it up there with goodfellas an godfather.
A truly terrible movie, only made worse by Al Pacino's awful and incomprehensible performance.
Either the people who have highly rated or have given this piece of junk good comments have truely got nostalgia goggles on. Camp direction, awful acting, bad extras, terrible dancing.

I looked forward to seeing this based on the reviews and how it is regarded as a classic, but now I feel I have just seen the bold and the beautiful but with guns & chainsaws.

Lost my faith in RT critics and I can't believe that Brian De Palma didn't get the award for worst director.
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