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fuck this

Sorry, I just won't be able to kep a straight face watching Luke from Gilmore girls getting mentally mauled by the Jigsaw.
Each film gets worse... I'm glad that this is the end of the series
I am a big SAW movies fan. Yesterday i watched the sixth installment of the Saw franchaise. I liked it. The sixth part was amazing, there was a lot of blood and screams. But it is not the main idea of the Saw movies. Saw movies has philisophy ideas. In the sixth movie there is also a political aspects. Jigsaw prepare an ultimate game for the Insurance Company workers. According to the Jigsaw this company desides whom to LIVE and whom to die, not taking into consideration the will of life.
In the sixth part there was a lot of new traps, which were perfectly comes with the main theme of the movie. Number 6 plas a big role in this movie. The ending of the Saw VI is inpredictable and stunning, saying us that it is not the end (watch Saw VII next halloween) =)
Overall i liked this part, it is much better then Saw V. Of course my favourite part is Saw, the first part. Saw VI is the uniqe movie, which is not like the previous Saws.
I love Saw 1 through 3, but this has to be the best out of all the Saw series. And what I know is that it has an improvement after the shitiness of 4 and 5. I know I like Saw 3, but I like it because it was a guilty pleasure for me.

Anyway, we know that Jigsaw's apprentice is, but what we should've known is Jigsaw getting cancer. Interesting plotline if not a hole. The characters, with the exception of Jigsaw, act 2-dimensional in this movie, which weakens the movie.

I know that there's gonna be a Saw VII, and yes, it's gonna be in 3D, which I'm gonna wait (I'm patient, you know.) till October.

But overall, it's one of my favorites of the series. Move over Saw II.

Why, oh why, are they still making these??
The best SAW film since the original. I really loved it. I am actually really looking forward to SAW VII.
Im going to my 3rd 'SAW' marathon tomorrow and I cannot wait! Seeing these films back to back is the best way to watch them!
First of all, this is a big improvement on Saw V, however doesn't hit the heights of Saw I and II.

It seems to be on the same level as a Saw IV.

The problem was that once VII and VIII were announced there was never going to be the wizz-bang ending we were hoping for in Saw VI. Rather the franchise will plod a lot with decent, storyline drive horror flicks until the day that the series decides to wrap itself up. Until that day, we wont have the awesome "it all makes sense now" ending experience we had from the first movie.

Some great traps in this movie, and William is a decent protagonist (antagonist?) if unspectacular. This movie had a very Saw IV feeling... but didn't have the same great feeling at the twist.

The series needs to wrap it up at VIII if this is the direction they want to take.

Get rid of Hoffman and bring in Dr. Gordon! Big fans will know what I mean ;)

Better... but not good enough. I was pleasantly surprised.