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Salt 2010

A CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy...

Release Date:
July 23, 2010
100 min
Phillip Noyce ...
Angelina Jolie, August Diehl, Gary Wilmes, Robert Bizik, Danielle Glick, Edgar Jimz, Tanda Kerín, James Schram, Ken Sladyk, Mike Colter, Victor Slezak, Zoe Lister Jones, Jose L. Rodriguez, Corey Stoll, Robert Myers, Olek Krupa, Scott Dillin, Daniel Ferro, Michael James Levy, Patrick Michael Strange, Angelo Lopez, Gregory Kelly, Andre Braugher, Brian Smyj, Matthew James Gulbranson, Thomas Joe Craig, Jordan Lage, Marion McCorry, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Albert Jones, Peter Weireter, Barbara Harrison, Clem Cheung, Pamela Fischer, Hristo Hristov, Jessica Rich, Nick Poltoranin, Yara Shahidi, Steven Weisz, Al Sotto, Liev Schreiber, Ivo Velon, Daniel Olbrychski, Kevin O'Donnell, Kamar de los Reyes, Eddy Challita, Armand Schultz, Daniel Pearce, Gilbert Soto, Chris Vaina, Jennifer Gable, Seth Kozak, Antoine Von Boozier, Deantre Williams, Roy James Wilson, Jalil Jay Lynch, Darren Ross, Angel David, Lovari, Gaetano Averella, Jeremy Davidson, Frosty Lawson, Cassidy Hinkle, Vitali Baganov, Dionne Audain, Nicky Julius, David Agranov, Steve Cirbus, Michael J. Kraycik, Gina Hernandez, Ivan Cardona, Vladimir Tevlovski, Moe Hindi, Frank Harts, Hunt Block, Philip Stamper, Paul Juhn, Jeb Brown, Eddie Boaz, Janis Grossman, Richard Martini, Roslyn Ruff, David Bishins, Gaius Charles, Michelle Ray Smith, Katherine Dickson, Stephen Beach, Colleen Werthmann, John J. Schneider, Rick Pantera, Ryan Shams, Vladislav Koulikov, Olya Zueva, Zach Shaffer, Tika Sumpter, Lara Apponyi, Liam Joynt, Victoria Cartagena, Beverly Kirk, Lynn C. Sanders, Theresa Caggiano, Vladimir Troitsky, James Nuciforo, Avis Boone, Alexander Martin Jones, Mike Conneen, Elizabeth Kaledin, Cecilia Foss, Solima Arnold, Mika Gill, Paul Hope, Cheryl Masterson, Elysia Segal, Joe Huu, Jian, Chuk Ogbonna, Janelle Schmidt, Derek Schreck, Addison LeMay, Brian James Pepe, Dustin LaValley, Maria Cecile Callier, Amy Gieske, Rory Clarke, Julie E. Davis, Zoë D'Amato, Nick Diamantis, Angela Evans, Storm Garner, Marcus Gogas, Susie Griswold, Yasmin D. Kahn, Joe Leon, Tom Margiotta, Vixit Thamboun, Luke Trevisan, Stephanie Valkanas, David C. Yee, Dannielle Rose, Natalie Gal, Darren Ross, Angelo Lopez, Andrellos Mitchell, Renee Fishman, Greg Kelly, Wojciech Fry Lewis, Chris Victor, Mackie Lou Vigal, Martha Newman ...
Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 7.9


Imdb rating: 6.4

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caps intended
This movie's a little strange.. I could've sworn it ended differently...
I love this movie.
Don't like this at all the story is too far fetch. I can take some suspend of belief, but this one stretches it. The only reason to watch this is jolie.
@VeVeronica There are two versions of the film, with variations between certain scenes. The "lighter" version is not one I enjoy watching.
Is there two diffrent endings? I just watched this movie for the second time and this time it had a diffrent ending?
Just felt weird but I liked both endings anyways.
Sequel pleeeeease !!!
Salt is unpretentious. It doesn't pretend delivering more than a good action flick.
And good action is what you'll get. All throughout.
Now, sequel pleeeeease !!!
good movie to watch
better than i though goood watch
@moviegirl1234..i agree..she's good in it..great editing..use of short flashbacks is very effective and not tedious..having just seen JACK REACHER, this is interesting in juxtaposition..similar characters in that they're not trying to survive; ONLY WIN..not the type you want to put the spurs to.
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