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Safe House 2012

A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge...

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Imdb rating: 6.8

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good movie mutch of action
not the best denzel movie but still a good movie to watch
Was a slow start a t first but it picked up in the middle. Denzel Washington hasn't disappointed, and seriously, this is by far the most excellent film Ryan Reynolds starred in. Showcased his acting abilities.
I enjoyed watching this movie. Washington played his character well.
Outstanding movie for me 10/10 Ryan Reynolds rocked this
8/10, Great film. Denzel and Ryan were legendary in this.
i was feverishly gnawin' whitetail jerky & sippin' chilly brews thru entire flick. i think i hurt my jaws.

Good stuff, really enjoyed watching it. 8/10

shoot i'v already watched this movie more than 3x its on my fav. list now! i just wonder why some people must have a driving need to put something negative about a film in their comments?? i just really dont understand how a person can wright about how great a movie is and the great acting good story... then comes this need to put a negative part (but it was not totaly realalist) put in for the point, but i have seen this put on movies comments a bunch of times. ok so it not a true story. its fake almost all movies are made up stories so we all know or should know that most or parts of a movie are not realalistic, so why the need to take a totaly posative comment and then add a negative part to the comment, unless that neg. is really needed for others to see if they might like the movie. i just really font understand this need unless they are the type of person who cant leave somthing good they must find 1 bad thing about the good of their life and i know that some people cant just have somthing good becuse they never had a day that was just good there was always a bad thing that would messup the good time. can yall tell i cant sleep even though i'v attemped sleeping but not yet ha ha ha he he well i say great movie so enjoy!!!

Decent film, could use more depth in the plot, but makes up for it with some great action sequences. While Denzel Washington could have skyped his performance in, Ryan Reynolds gave the real stand-out performance in this film. It's great to see him coming into his own as a male lead.

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