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Rumor Has It... 2005

Sarah Huttinger is a woman who learns that her family was the inspiration for the book and film "The Graduate" -- and that she just might be the offspring of the well-documented event...

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:fresh: Best love story ever? No.
Entertaining? Yes.:)
Nice to see Kevin, Jennifer, Shirley, and Mark in great roles? Definately.
I would recommend this to couples of any age over 30, and for girls night out.:up:
Yet another good film from Rob Reiner, though not one of his top contenders. Jennifer Aniston is solid and Shirley Maclean is hilarious
This is fun movie but not what I expected. Very defiantly worth seeing.
I am not a typical male who does not like chick flicks. Just ask my wife. I am more than happy to give them their chance. But I must admit that immediately after seeing this movie, I leaned over to my wife and asked for my balls back out of her purse.

Here is what I liked. I liked Mark Ruffalo's interactions with Shirley MacLaine were really funny. I think they really stole the show. I liked the play on "The Graduate" it was nice and there were many references to other movies. But Jennifer Aniston's character was trying to find herself amidst her engagement and her sister's wedding. Gaining the knowlege that her mother had a fling with another man around the time she was conceived grips her and she is thrown into a whirlwind of "who the hell cares." But still goes and finds the man, played by Kevin Costner, and winds up sleeping with him after she finds out he couldn't have been her father. But her character was too stupid to call her fiance and lie to him and tell her she was ok. Because he came and found her in the arms of another man.

I don't like movies where I am smarter than its characters. But I will give Jennifer Aniston credit, she made this movie during the Paparrazzi covered divorce from Brad Pitt and you can see how her sadness from real world events slipped into her role on screen.

The other saving grace from this movie was her father, played by Richard Jenkins. Who gives her the advice she needs to get her life back on track. It was the one and only sweet, touching moment in this chick flick.

Also, this chick flick didn't have the mandatory chicks sing-a-long that all chick flicks have. Bummer. Notice I didn't mention Mena Suvari. Nothing worth mentioning.
Rumor Has It...(2005): 3/10

Theater First Viewing, 9 Reiner films seen

No lousy Rob Reiner film could ever bring down the brilliance of The Graduate, but Reiner sure gives it his all. The only thing this movie had going for it was Mark Ruffalo, but even he couldn't save an ounce of it. It's just dead. Boring.

The premise is sort of interesting, but it all plays off of a gimmick that quickly wears out its welcome. The idea of The Graduate being based on a real family is interesting, BUT I didn't exactly need to see a movie about it. The story of The Graduate is interesting in itself, but the people in Rumor Has It just aren't interesting enough to maintain any real interest.
Saw a few more movies lately, and used my Best Buy gift cards I got for Christmas to buy U2's Vertigo 2005: Live from Chicago DVD, Death Cab for Cutie's "Plans", and Sigur R
Hostel (2005)
Director: Eli Roth
Starring: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Jan Vlasek, and many, many prostitutes

0 stars out of 4

This movie is disgusting. Downright filth. That's right Divine -you're no longer the filthiest person alive. Eli Roth is (well, good competition anyway).

The first half of Hostel relies solely on the lovely little American pastime of degrading women. That's right; every woman (perhaps aside from the desk clerk...maybe) takes off her clothes and lies around naked. The men? Of course not. The movie opens on the main characters (a couple American frat boys and their foreign friend) running around Amsterdam doing drugs, clubbing, and having sex with -of course- gratuitously naked women. I couldn't wait for them to die. Now, this is the quintessential problem with the horror genre -how can something be scary when you do not care for the characters? To find something truly horrifying, I would need to identify with the situation via finding a glimpse of myself in the "protagonist". Therefore, the pitfalls that are presented would feel plausible and, indeed, scary. Now, upon not identifying with, and downright loathing, these fratboys, I thought that the film encountered it's first flaw (of many). Then it dawned on me: the majority of this film's target audience does identify with these sick lead characters, and it's crap like this that is causing it. My lifetime venture into misanthropy took yet another irreversible step.

This garbage -the imbalanced, sexist, degrading portrayal of women- takes place for the entire first half of the movie. The second half is the blood (which has been hyped up way beyond what is actually presented). If you didn't catch Tarantino talking about this movie on Late Night television, where he revealed a "plot twist", well, let me do it for you: The victims are lured to a hostile where people will pay to torture and murder them as a form of entertainment. Hmm sex and violence. Sex and violence. Responsible for the current deplorable state of America and its entertainment? Yep. Now, many might argue that the movie is drawing a parallel between sex and violence, and therein, makes an intelligent social comment. Wrong. Believe me, I am completely behind such a parallel, as analyzing why people cling to sex and violence for entertainment is very compelling. However, this film never says anything intelligent about this parallel, and if anything, attempts to suggest that the desire to torture and kill other human beings is just as innate, carnal, and natural as sex. It doesn't seek to condemn either in it's parallel -and you know how I know? Because all it does is entertain its audience for 95 minutes with these exact vices, supporting their prominent place in American culture, and never intelligently critiquing it. But hey, should I really expect anything else? The man made Cabin Fever. Enough said.

This was a fun comedy to go out on the weekend to see. The initial story is intriguing and the comedy is consistent enough throughout to keep audiences entertained. The critics spent the majority of the time bashing Rob Reiner via this film but their critique is overly harsh. The film may not be one for the ages but it was not poorly acted and the characters were surprisingly realistic. The short story: This movie is worth seeing--go out and see it. You can deal with the critics later. They don't watch movies to enjoy them they watch them to critique them. I, on the other hand, watch movies to have fun. So go have fun and critique with your friends later.
I can't believe there was a time when I didn't find Jennifer Aniston attractive. It must have been the result of an ill-advised condemnation of the width and breadth of her talent to her Friends character.

Well, IMVHO, I think she's pretty good. And she's a unique beauty.

In RUMOR HAS IT, she certainly doesn't show off her acting chops. She plays it safe, but at least she delivers. I mean, it's not like anyone is going to remember her for the role.

Aniston plays a woman whose mother and grandmother slept with Kevin Costner's character when he was a young man. This love triangle was the nexus of THE GRADUATE story. Anyway, Aniston goes on a quest to find out if she is, in fact, the daughter of Costner.

The critics utterly destroyed RUMOR HAS IT and I can see their point here and there. Still... it's a fun little movie.

Plenty of laughs. Great cast. Pay only matinee.