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brings back memories. that's a long time ago. man I even got this on VHS.
one of Jet Li's better movies, but Aaliyah...what an angel. RIP.
I viewed Romeo Must Die because it was a martial arts film and because Jet Li was in it.

It's Monday at 7 in the morning on my first day of vacation and what am I doing? Going on line. Pathetic I know. I had a pretty ok weekend. My dad *gasp* took us to see RoTK on Saturday and really enjoyed it. But I payed too much attention this time.
My observations:
1. Orlando didn't make that many funny faces as he did in the other movies.
2. It looks like Orlando cussed when he was ridding his horse through the encampment with Theoden, but either way he was having a hard time controlling it.
3. I noticed more differences from the books and the movie.
4. Orlando didn't have the braids in his hair at the "hobbit orgy" scene at the end and neither coronation.
4. Weird I know, but does anyone else think that Minas Morgul is kinda cool looking?

Anyway, last night, I was watching like three different movies at the same time. Bring It On, Titantic, and Romeo Must Die. My sister had control of the tv and she was flipping between the three
I thought this movie was excellent!!! It had great fight scenes and special effects; for example when they showed bones breaking inside the body. This movie also had great dialogue, good jokes, great car chase scenes. Action, Action, Action!!! One of Aaliyah's best movies!! Jet Li and Aaliyah were explosive together!!!
A fight movie that uses old plot devices to get our hero into a fight. The story doesn,t mater but the fights are great. It gets points for the
x-ray view of the damage, during the fights.

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