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Robin Hood 2010

In 13th century England, Robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power...

Release Date:
May 14, 2010
140 min
Ridley Scott ...
James Payton, Gerard McSorley, Denis Ménochet, Léa Seydoux, James Currie, Ned Dennehy, Giannina Facio, Ray Donn, William Hurt, James Burrows, Bronson Webb, Max von Sydow, Ralph Ineson, Teresa Mahoney, Ruby Bentall, Mark Strong, James Fiddy, Nicolas Simon, Lisa Millett, Cate Blanchett, Matthew Macfadyen, Russell Crowe, Oscar Isaac, Simon McBurney, Douglas Hodge, Robert Roman Ratajczak, Eileen Atkins, Jason Collins, Joseph Hamilton, Stephen Armourae, Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand, John Atterbury, John Nicholas, Mark Addy, Lee Battle, Arthur Darvill, Jake Curran, Andy Callaghan, João Costa Menezes, Jimi James, Robert Pugh, Mark Lewis Jones, Velibor Topic, Kas Graham, Joe Golby, Peter Holyoake, Thomas Arnold, Abraham Belaga, Roy Holder, David Bertrand, Christian Wolf-La'Moy, Mike Archer, Jamie Beamish, Denise Gough, Mark Ryder, Jason Beeston, Nick Lucas, James Hamilton, Lee Nicholas Harris, Richard Riddell, Steve Evets, Geoff Searle, Jonathan Zaccaï, Russell Honeywell, Adam Martin, Ryan Stuart, Paul Stockman, Martin Walker, John O'Toole, Jack Steele, Robert Harrison O'Neil, Luke Evans, Alan Doyle, Ciaran Flynn, Pip Carter, Stuart Martin, Jessica Raine, Eric Rulliat, Jack Downham, Hannah Barrie, Andrea Ware, Zuriel De Peslouan, Alan Charlesworth, Lothaire Gerard, Mat Laroche, Chris Jared, Danny Clarke, Tom Blyth, Michael St Omer, Simon Steggall, Umit Ulgen, Sarah Jane O'Neill, Jamie Clark, Barry Ashton, Jean-Christophe Leger, Nicholas Crum, Alison Faith, Neil Findlater, Lloyd Handley, Lucy La Vey, Jo Marriott, Mark Shrimpton, Jane Hardcastle, Jamie Langlands, Matt Tyzack, Jason Collins, Danny Huston, Michael Koltes, Nicky Bell, Lasco Atkins, Samuel Dupuy, Steven Hopwood, James Currie, Nick Lucas, Kirsty Seager, Jesse James Sims, Martin Walker, Harvey Walsh, Warren Harrington, Vic Blickem, James Hamilton, John Nicholas, Samara Couri, Jack Butler, Adam Martin, Joseph Hamilton ...
Drama, History, Action, Adventure ...
English, French

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Solar rating: 7.8


Imdb rating: 6.7

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In the big scheme of things it was a good movie. But if you consider the budget this must've had and the acting and directing talent, i feel it should've been a lot better. And yeah they left it wide open for a sequel and 5 yrs later still nothing.....7.5/10
@LeSamourai I felt like the writers shoved this story into a historical framework that didn't really need him plot wise.
Does anybody remember Robin of Sherwood from the eighties? It, was an eighties sort of way.
Hern the Hunter was in it! And the Sheriff was a proper wrong 'un, Will Scarlet was that guy in all the cockney gangster movies whose name totally escapes me right now!(he's in Sexy Beast)
@raginmjolnir , fair enough!
I dunno, the old animated Disney version of Robin Hood, which can be found on Solar I believe, is still the best Robin Hood movie ever. Then there's always Men in Tights... Just because something is only folklore doesn't mean that it can't be a good story, or a strong one. Mythology contains some of the greatest stories ever imagined.... Just folklore
@raginmjolnir ,Thank you for your feedback and your movies suggestions, but I just don't like the guy I guess! he lacks style and charisma and his acting is a bit goofy...(in my humble opinion) in fact the only movie with him that i think is "ok" would be "Gladiator" and I say this because of the director Ridley Scott, and great supporting actors like the legend Richard Harris and Joaquin Phoenix. I admire very much Ridley Scott ("The Duellist" top reference)and love all his movie but this one has to be the exception...The subject of Robin Hood and his band of "merry men" was always going to be a weak one historically it's just folklore, I think we all remember the awful 90's version with Kevin Costner lol! enough said..!
@raginmjolnir thumbs up for someone else who has seen RomperStomper...
@Burdick Probably not. They told their version of the old classic tale, right? I don't really remember. I should probably watch it again.
@LeSamourai I agree about Crowe. While this wasn't as horrible to me as you think I guess, I've seen him do much better. Like Beautiful Minds, or even that old movie no one really seems to have heard of RomperStomper. Basically an Australian version of American History X, where Russel is the lead Skinhead. Pretty good movie.
i like this version of robin hood cant wait for part to if there is even going to be 1
Historically flawed and byist movie, shallow acting from Russel Crowe, a very weak movie and scenario... 3.5/10
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