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Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011

A substance, designed to help the brain repair itself, gives rise to a super-intelligent chimp who leads an ape uprising...

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Thumbs up if you think Caesar was cute as a baby haha
Pretty good movie.
GREAT movie!
That was just an awesome spectacle. The amount of plausibility in the story is frightening. Caesar is really cool too. The whole respect thing that the other apes have for him is BA, its like he's a commanding officer in a company of soldiers. 51/51 from me for quality cgi, story, acting, dialog, and general impact.
Having seen the first Planet of the Apes movie at the drive in when I was a kid, I've always been a fan. Even read the books the original movies were based on by Pierre Boulle.
having said that, this, and undoubtedly the follow up Dawn of the Planet of the Apes coming next week, are without a doubt the best of them all.
I have high hopes that the entire causality loop story is allowed to play out.
I just wonder who will get the nod to reprise Charlton Heston's Taylor in episode 3, The Planet of the Apes?
Oh, and can't forget Nova. :D
@Atadon Dawn of the planet ape coming July 17,following the story of this 1.
just watched it, much better then I thought 8/10, with a interesting story and dynamic pace.
@homelessdude2005 I concur! :D
Every once in a while Hollywood gets it right. This one works as a first installment of a new re-telling of the story.
Glad I finally got around to watching it! It only took...what?...3 years!
great movie, GO CEASAR!
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