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Resident Evil 2002

A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident...

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What people do not understand is that a film has very different requirements. It's not only for the gamer but also for the people who have no liking for computer games at all. I have seen a film based on the classic novel by Henry James "Portrait of a lady" with Nicole Kidman as Isabelle Archer. Almost every dialogue was from the novel itself. while the novel is really a hit and classic, the film fails miserably. reason? not everything that looks good on paper will look good on screen. Same goes for the games. The director and writer have to make changes where they think its necessary to make it more interesting

are u people seriously that fucking stupid?? u cant expect a movie to be precisely like the game its based on,if u do then ur the dumbest fuck arround,seriously,stop crying and go try making a movie yourself so i can mock ur pathetic skills,if u dont like a movie then dont watch it period,go grow up u fucktards

this video game adaption is quite disappointing. it has the same idea of the resident evil games but none of the trade mark characters. it has the same atmosphere as the games. dark and in closed spaces. however the movie could have been better in fact it had the potential to be an epic movie.

Although it's only slightly faithful to the video game, it's still a lot of fun.
This movie has no redeeming cinematic value, but that doesn't change the fact that it is damn entertaining.
"Although it lacks the spirit and style of the games, Resident Evil is a surprisingly smart video game adaptation and is probably superior to most other failed video game adaptations."
Why would Hollywood think this movie was any good? it was absolutely horrible.
Its the only known video game adaption that doesnt seem to tank itself. Milla Jovovich plays a women who awakens in a mansion who soons to be known as the hive, now she must battle through evil to survive. This film like most video game adaptions tend to rewrite itself into something different. Which can piss of gamers. Its loud and offers no human touch. It only bothers to care about about zombie rampage and shouting between the characters. I dont really care much for the film and the only excitement comes from Alice's(Milla Jovovich) guns.
Resident Evil departs almost entirely from the videogame franchis it was based on. With the exception of the infected creatures, Umbrella Corporation, T and Anti-Viruses. It's not only a disgrace to the 'Resident Evil' franchise-as well as an ugly stain on the zombie genre as a whole. When will Hollywood learn that in order to make a good movie based on a video game all you need to do is re-enact the cutscenes, and you'll get a blockbuster. Instead of taking any characters from the games instead, they introduce a whole new character; 'Alice'. The whole amnesia concept at the beginning also seemed like a lazy excuse to cut back on character development. Alice seems like a robot throughout the entire film. The point of acting is supposed to be relaying different emotions-and not failing to portray any at all-something that apparently someone forgot to tell the cast members. Instead of being entertaining or even somewhat thrilling, it's just one big wait for the credits to start rolling. Newcomers to the series will be bored out of their skulls, watching this garbage.