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Great movie, a bit depressing though. (SPOILER : because it begins and ends with the death of first Ally's mother and then Tyler).
It taught me to appreciate life as best as I could. It's quite philosophic and gives subjects to think of (cf. Tyler's quotes repeated at the beginning and at the end).
There are lots of talkings about how the movie ends but I don't think the movie should be reduced to this debate.
Enjoyed this movie again !!
Here is a post that was on IMDb and I thought was worth sharing.
"I must say, I had my doubts going into this movie. I'm not a Rob fan, and not to be rude, but I think the Twilight movies are terrible and the books not much better. Now, you, the reader, are probably wondering what the heck was I doing then, going to see this movie, if I had such a dislike towards Twilight and Rob. The answer is two words: my friend. She has to be the biggest Rob-sessed, Twilight-sessed twenty-two year old out there, and it was her birthday last week, so I, being the good friend I am, decided to put myself through two hours of torture on her behalf. Turns out, I didn't have to.
I think I've made it clear that I did not like any of the actors/actresses (particularly), nor did I like any of the movies/TV shows any of the actors/actresses had done in the past. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of emotion the movie brought to me. One minute I'd be laughing like a hyena and the next I'd be nearly in tears. It truly was an emotional roller coaster. Perhaps I didn't give the tween heartthrob vampire enough credit, because if there was a single thing I noticed in the part of me that wasn't overcome with emotion, it was that Robert Pattinson stood out. He made me feel the happiness, the pain, the excitement, and most likely will make you feel them too, unless you're a cold-hearted jerk. He actually is an actor, not just some semi-good looking guy who happened to be noticed for his semi-good looks. The Twilight movies do not do him justice.
Although my friend will forever hold this against me, I must say, you, the reader, should see this movie. I've seen the movie critics' reviews for this movie and I know they say this movie is a waste of time and money, but that is because they are looking at the separate parts of the movie. Allow me to explain. Have you seen The Sound of Music? When The Sound of Music was released, it raised a lot of controversy. Some critics said it was too saccharine, others said the plot was pointless, yet not one of them could explain why every person who watched the movie fell in love with it, or why each of them had a copy stashed under their bed. Why was it so popular? It had all the components of a bad musical: kiddish songs, fairytale romance, nothing bad. Even the Nazi chasing the family scene was not very intense. So why did people like it? The problem was, the movie critics were looking at the separate parts, not the movie as a whole. A movie can be judged by its separate parts, and most of the time it is, but one must also consider the glue that holds the separate parts together. A house made of bricks would fall down without the mortar. It is the same with this movie. The critics say, this part was too sad, this part too happy, they don't fit. They are analyzing the movie too logically. Sometimes, the best movies are the ones that touch your emotions, it doesn't have to be explained. Give this movie a chance. It will touch your heart, and if you are like my friend, leave you bawling."
*That will BRING you
Such an unexpected and wonderful movie that will be you first shock, utter helplessness and finally tears. Very well filmed and a must see for everyone.
This is one of the great unsung movies. NOT a romantic comedy or a Twilight knockoff but a genuine brilliant film. The entire cast is perfect and the ending... Well. See it. If you are a New Yorker expect to be hit hard.
Drats, that should read "This is a genuine love story..."
This is a love genuine story, a story of all foibles that love has to offer. But it's no chick flick, everyone can find bits of themselves in the lives of our characters. It's been a long time since a movie ended and my first thought "More!".

&ha hoh Fantastic Thank you

worth seing movie what of a kind..great movie

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