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*should see
Powerful movie and on my list of films people sure see at least once. I thought it wouldn't be the same or such a strong surprise and impact like the first time watching due to the ending, but it still hit hard. Great movie.
Enjoyed this movie again !!
*That will BRING you
Such an unexpected and wonderful movie that will be you first shock, utter helplessness and finally tears. Very well filmed and a must see for everyone.
This is one of the great unsung movies. NOT a romantic comedy or a Twilight knockoff but a genuine brilliant film. The entire cast is perfect and the ending... Well. See it. If you are a New Yorker expect to be hit hard.
Drats, that should read "This is a genuine love story..."
This is a love genuine story, a story of all foibles that love has to offer. But it's no chick flick, everyone can find bits of themselves in the lives of our characters. It's been a long time since a movie ended and my first thought "More!".

&ha hoh Fantastic Thank you

worth seing movie what of a kind..great movie

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