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I am not a big fan of Kevin Smith, and I did not expect much of this, with my expectations so low, I was a bit surprised at how good it turned out to be. The beginning of the movie has a horror/Rob Zombie kind of feel, and then, when I thought I knew what was going on, John Goodman rolls out of bed. Surprisingly clever movie, I would recommend it to those without blinders.
th' fanatically religious want to abolish things as well.. abolish this - abolish that.. 'twould be more effective to abolish those who wish to abolish stuff.
love it, shows how messed up religious people are, and why we need to abolish religion...
i feel like i just got kicked in the omg with by jesus christ and the wisemen....goodness no 3/10
nice after thought sequence tho
not what you'd expect from kevin smith but, man, did he say a mouthful with this one. just as i suspected; everyone's nuts but me.
If you have time to burn then this would be a good one. 5/10

not the greatest movie ever made but entertaining ha ha

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