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Will someone please add allmyvideos link?
Mystery aspect was good, it took me until the second night to figure out who it was, however I felt like the end was lacking and some of the characters were incomplete. 7.5/10
something is definitely missing. it's incredibly gloomy. Never got exciting and the werewolf itself was just meh..
This Vodlocker version isn't the greatest quality but it gets the job done. Visually, it was grainy and pixeled at times but it got better. Audio was fine. I found the movie engaging and entertaining. Loved seeing Gary Oldman. Recognized him and nearly shouted "Sirius Black!" LOL For me, I'd give it a 6/10 and might rematch it again.
@D-Live84 me too... it lacked something
This movie was just ok for me ...
This movie is good on a rainy day 8/10
pretty good movie. I recommend watching if your trying to find something to some night.
Oh yeah, I liked it. It was a really good movie. Amanda Seyfried is sooo frickin hot!! Just watching her in this movie makes it totally worth watching.

Brilliant and not one minute of it was predictable