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Red Dawn 2012

A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers...

Release Date:
November 21, 2012
93 min
Dan Bradley ...
Stephen Oyoung, Michael Beach, Josh Peck, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Edwin Hodge, Fernando Chien, JB Blanc, Ho-Sung Pak, Vincent Angelini, Choua Kue, Connor Cruise, Ron Yuan, Josh Hutcherson, Brett Cullen, Linda Boston, Adrianne Palicki, Kenneth Choi, Chris Hemsworth, Will Yun Lee, Steven Hauptman, Eric Ian, Matt Gerald, Regina Taufen, Rusty Mewha, Isabel Lucas, Doug Kolbicz, Mike Ancrile, Cindy Chu, Eric Tuchelske, Jacquelyn Evola, Lucas Kerr, Alyssa Diaz, Boyuen, Bernadette Balagtas, Matthew Yang King, Ron Causey, Dave Kilgore, Bill Lumbert, Mark Rothman, John P. Chittick, Samuel Meadows, Julian Alcaraz, Li Xing, Amanda Wright, Ewan Bourne, Jason W. Lee, Ralph A. Recchia, Chameria Law, Tiffany Osborne, Giles Key, Will Clarke, Josh R. Jones, Jacqueline Forton, Lee Vang, Richard 'Rick' Bobier, Nicholas Yu, P.J. Edwards, Gowhnou Yang, Dwight Sora, Diane M. Leach, Lawrence W. Leach, Brett VanDunk, Vong Lee, Misty Mills, Melissa Marra, Daryl M. Simpson, Kimberly Koltyk, Matt Philliben, Tiffany Stone, Johnny Truong, Johnathon VanDusen, Sam Looc, Ellen Kimmel, Chris Kotcher, Demi Kazanis, Mark Schlereth, David Scott Diaz, Steve Lenz, Arnold Agee, Ralph H. Meyer, Barb Baker, Robert Herrick, Zachary Schafer, Brian D. Thibault, Courtney Zimmer, Spencer Strong Smith, Kenny Clark, James Polony, Jake Chasse, Dan Lewis, Michael A. Knight, Kelly Jennings, Kelly Dettmer, Albert Yao, Steven Chan, Robert Laenen, Michael Babbish, Noah Smith, David Law ...
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi, War ...

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Imdb rating: 5.5

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I don't really remember the original and I knew what to expect from this. This is a good action movie and that is it. This would never happen in real life but hey not a bad film to watch on the weekend!!!!!!!;']
Josh is terrible, just terrible. He ruins this movie's greatness. It's a decent remake, falling short in quite a few places. Don't know why people are complaining about blood and guts, considering there hardly is any. If it were rated R, it would have been better. It felt more like a "Teen Favorite" action film, than it did anything resembling a raw backyard wartime movie. It isn't really bad, but it isn't all that good either. I give it a 6/10, as it could have been MUCH better.
The dude from 'Drake and Josh' absolutely ruined this movie. Not a bad remake apart from that !!
If you can get past the absurd idea that The United States of America Could be so easily captured by a foreign army it is a pretty good film. It wasnt as good as i thought it would be though.
very bad acting,it didnt feel like they r bieng invaded, predictable plot..full marks for Action but overall,a bad movie..Hemsworth is wasted in such a bad movie..!
the worst s*** I have ever seen
North Korea invades the USA?! Coming soon, 'Red Dawn 2' (Switzerland invades Germany).
pretty good 8/10
not bad give it 7 out of 10
@deadface Is DVD now as of today. Cheers...
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