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This is my 7th time watching Rambo and still it feels like watching it for the first time. This one Rambo is the epic of The Rambo saga and for me there couldn't be one that can outplay John Rambo.............
love this movie :)
it was a nice ending to the entire series. sure, it had some of the same silly rambo stuff but the last 5 minutes really make up for it all.
i liked it a lot.
best action movie about war. my oppinion
I'm sorry but I am unable to help you. I also am not interrested in the slightest in bickering with you so good day sir / madam.
@massacreminer Not being able to understand when someone is talking in general sense is your problem. I don't need a link, I'm just tired of seeing 544x348 being called HD, when its not even DVD.
If you are needing/ wanting an HD link please go to the forum and ask linkers there. They are usually more than happy to oblidge,
@SichuanPanda And what link would I be falsly representing? Also I am fully aware what HD means. Thank you. My link is DVD and is labeled thusly.
@massacreminer - 'HD' Means high defitnion, 1080p, 1920x1080. If you add a link and mark HD it better be that resolution, or you are falsely representing the link.
yeah but there not actually hd quality for example i hve a hd quality link for world war z and skyfall and there tottaly diffrent quality like 10 times better and im looking for rambo in hd mp4 file
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