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THE quintessential action/adventure flick. 28 years later and still, nobody has topped this one.
boosted only by the babe and the hilarious Ark scene killing everyone
My second favorite in the series, and very close to my first. Again, very crisp story line and a great cast. Harrison Ford is lucky he got such a great role. Karen Allen was such a down to earth girl, she really made the movie also. This is a good movie.
**** (out of four)

The one that started it all and still by far the best in the series. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is a clever, funny, and exhilarating thrill ride that seems to get better with time.

What can be said about the plot. The Allies believe that the Nazi's are going to use the lost ark of the covenant as a weapon during World War II. They ask Indiana Jones to help locate it. One adventure after another follows.
A great adventure movie. Well shot, good plot, well written. Loved the feel of the movie, makes the impossible seem true. My only issue with it is I believe it is slightly overrated. Its great, but I do not believe its as fantastic as people make it out to be. I also do feel that the Indiana Jones charecter has been inspired in other action movies. Brendon Frasier in the Mummy maybe??? Favorite scene is the famous whip/sword/gunshot scene
Had never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies so I decided to throw them all in my Netflix queue. The plan was to watch them all starting with this one.

Got about 3/4 of the way thru this movie before I decided that I couldn't take it anymore...BORING! Just removed the remaining movies from this series out of my queue.
No doubt the best action film of all time.
This is my favorite film of all time, followed closely by "The Empire Strikes Back". I hope to God that doesn't make me a fanboy.

I remember seeing the advertisement for this on TV and blowing it off as some lame cowboy movie. Then I got to see it in the theaters and it literally changed the way I have come to look at movies. This film is epic! It earned 9 oscar nominations, including one for best picture in 1981. It stands apart from all other action films, including the ones that have tried to copy it and even its sequels.

This movie introduces us to Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, a daring archeaologist who travels globe looking for lost treasures. He is never portrayed better than he is in this film. Nothing will stand in his way when he's commisioned to find the lost Ark of the Covenant. He dispatches a seven-foot Arab with a sword and a convoy of 14 Nazis with equal gusto. He is constantly finding himself in over his head because he PLACES himself there. He doesn't fall into this adventure like he does in "Temple of Doom." And he isn't dragged into it because his father or some old friend is in danger. He jumps into this movie with both gloved fists ready.

Along for the ride are Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies, who give strong performances as Indy's allies. And Ronald Lacey and Paul Freeman are great adversaries. But most of the movie focuses on Indy as he gets himself into, and then out of, one life-threatening predicament after another.

The scope of the movie is vast and the settings are incredible, ranging from the jungles of Peru to the desert wastes of Egypt. This film could just as easily fit in with "Lawrence of Arabia" as it could with "Star Wars" (I mentioned the Oscar nod right?).

The only thing that bothers me about this movie is the way George Lucas insists on calling it "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark." I understand that he has a compulsive need to lump the series all together under one title. But, in all honesty, I can't watch the other films together with this one without seeing how superior it is in its story and scale. It is an epic.
Great entertainment for the whole family. This film is the reason Harrison Ford is one of the best actors ever.
A real classic adventure film. The best combination of Ford/Spieldberg/Lukas.