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Queen of the Damned 2002

The vampire Lestat becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the queen of all vampires...

Release Date:
February 22, 2002
101 min
Michael Rymer ...
Stuart Townsend, Marguerite Moreau, Bruce Spence, Christopher Kirby, Aaliyah, Russell Kiefel, Nicole Fantl, Matthew Newton, Dino Marnika, Anni Finsterer, Michael Azria, Lena Olin, Alyssa McClelland, Jo Buckley, Nathan Hill, Vincent Perez, Claudia Black, Pia Miranda, Paul McGann, Jonathan Davis, Christian Manon, Tiriel Mora, Megan Cooper, Johnathan Devoy, Robert Farnham, Conrad Standish, Richael Tanner, MiG Ayesa, Joe Manning, Pip Mushin, Kat Rhodes, Renee De Bondt, Renee Quast, Dan Zizys, Tayler Kane, Imogen Annesley, Daniel Schlusser, Rowland S. Howard, Hugo Race, Robin Casinader, Aimee Nash, Marnie Reece-Wilmore, Andrew L. Urban, Kirsty Meares, Bruce Myles, Marg Downey, John Dicks, Fouad Harraka, Mandie Vieira, Bobby Bright, Darren Wilson, Nandila Gaskell, Nalishebo Gaskell, Tamasin Ramsay, Arroyn Lloyd, Antonios Greige, Nicki Paull, Peter Olsen, Franklyn Ajaye, Duncan Myers, Mark O'Halloran, Twapa Kapote, Ron Bingham, Strawberry Fields, Bob Halsall, Antony Neate, Karoline Hohlweg, Rochelle Ward, Alistair Reid, Suzi Dougherty, Humphrey Bower, Simon Wilton, Enrico Mammarella, Serena Altschul, Nick Gill, Becky Thomas, Felicity Andersen, Leon Fleming, Daniel Gardner, Shayne Greenman, Rashad Haughton, Anita Marelic, Jet Tsui, Richard Wiggan, Chris Connelly, David Lorensene, Tracy Downs, Jonathan Davis, Chris Connelly, Brendan Parry Kaufmann, Nathan Hill, Ruth Palma ...
Horror, Fantasy, Music ...
USA, Australia

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Imdb rating: 5.2

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I have seen many vampire movies over the years and i gotta say this is def still one of my favorites!
@raginmjolnir Yes they are the same!
Baby there is ONLY one Lestat! (Evil Grin)
If ya read the novels and there are many of them about him; he is an Awesome Being! Love Anne Rice novels, and esp Lestat. They did an OK job on this and Interview. Cheers..
That's one thing that's always bothered me a bit about this, and Interview with a Vampire. Supposed to be the same Lestat, right? And in this we see him from before Interview, until after Interview. Or are we supposed to think that he does this before we see him for the last time in Interview? That would have it's problems, as well. Just can't reconcile the two, but they are somehow supposed to be one in the same vampire, from the same novelist, correct?
I Love Anne Rice Novels, but as always nothing can ever come close to the novel. Then again we are talking about the Infamous "Lestat". I have read all books and am a huge fanboy. lol This movie was pretty good on throwing about 10% of the 1 novel together with no real background being given. I give it a solid 8/10 Townsend did a superb job except Lestat is a blonde. Cheers...
This is probably the first vampire movie I watched when I was little. It stuck with me. I still like to watch it from time to time for the nostalgia.
Stuart Townsend ♥HUNK of A Man♥ ... Queen of the Dammned is a 2002 vampire horror film and a loose adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series, Although. the film contains many plot elements from the latter novel's predecessor, The Vampire Lestat. It stars Aaliyah as the vampire queen Akasha, and Stuart Townsend as the vampire Lestat. It was released six months after Aaliyah's death and is dedicated to her memory...
Lestat, Lestat where fore art thou my Lestat!
Love the movie love Anne Rice novels more. Cheers...


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