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Great dialogue, characters and direction. Jules is an icon. Original and unique are often overused, but not in this case. Will hold up well over the years.
This movie is funny, violent, cool, sexy and most definately Quentins best work. A classic that infact gets better with age and should without doubt be in every film lovers collection.
Excellent dialouge for every actor/actress allows you to truely understand and fall in love with each and every character, regardless of the bad qualities each of them possess. Unique camera work too allows the movie to flow, allowing the multiple stories to come together in a clear and concise manner.
One of the best movies ever made.
This is my all time favorite movie.This is Q at his best.I really love the cast,but the dialogue is what made the film.From Jules bible verses to Vincent saying"He shoulda fu**in better known better"Without this movie John Travolta is still Danny Zuko to me.U know I have to quote one more"It woulda been worth him doing it just so I coulda caught him doing it"Classic.
I didn't care for this movie. It seemed like Tarantino didn't know where to go with this. Travolta and Jackson are great though.
Loved how it was out of order and the stories mingled together. Loved how the characters can hate eachother but come to understandings. Badass mothafucka!
If you haven't seen the film your missing something special. This is a classic that has lost almost nothing in the sixteen years since it was made. It is Tarantino at or near his best. All of the acting is great, but particularly Jackson, Travolta, and Thurman. The writing, dialog, pacing, and how the story line is used to enhance the film are marvelous. This is Tarantino, so violence is part of the deal, but it is used effectively rather than gratuitously. For mature audiences only - see this film!
Tarantino's first great movie is slick, stylish, often hilarious ride that never really disappoints. This is one of those great movies that everyone should see at one point or another. It has a pretty good plot that is filled with superb dialogue. Just the sutble things that the characters say back and forth is excellent. I won't say anything else for the purpose of not spoiling anything. In terms of acting, it is overall pretty darn good. We see Travolta be a bit of a loser. And of course we see Samuel L. Jackson as one badass muthaf*cker. Ultimately, it is brought down by some really annoying parts, like when a house is full of people just yelling at eachother, in what is really the weakest part of the movie overall.
Pulp Fiction is an American crime film directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Why? Because it's perfect. I seriously think that there is nothing wrong with this movie. It has perfect cast and a perfect script and the best dialogue in a movie. My favorite scene is when Jules recites a baleful "biblical" pronouncement and shoots Brett. Every scene and every single word in this memorable. This is Tarantino's masterpiece.
What can I say " A Fucken Masterpiece ".
Pulp Fiction is a modern pop culture classic. From top to bottom there are not enough good things one can say. This is the type of film that can muster multiple viewings and still remain as potent as the first time you bite into a royale with cheese