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Always enjoy watching movies that contribute to the Aliens franchise
i loved this movie :) will be watching it again tonight.
@vw4ever If its a rad movie I could sit through them all. Just have an intermission where they put a picture of something up and play classical music for 10 mins. Yeah I could spend a day doing that.
@Major-LongBottom Scott promised 3 prequels all together, but i think they could tie it up with just one more.. or least shoot a 2 parter back to back. like Mocking Jay. i mean who wants to wait till 2018-2020 for the 3rd prequel??
but yeah i can't wait for the 2cd one, they take too much time to finish these trilogies these days! :::Peace:::..
Part 2 is in 2016. I am glad they are actually going to make a sequel to this movie. I really didn't want it to be like all those other movies where the story just stops and there is no sequel because it didn't make enough money. Like Sky Line. Its like reading half a book and then throwing it away.
it was a good watch not so Enjoyable but worth a watch 7/10
Right up there with the Aliens and Predator gold collection!
A must see for all Sci-Fi fans. Ridley Scott vision and genius (since 1986) has done it again! Fassbender at his finest.and a sublime Charlize Theron cold as ice,(in latex suit, yes sir...) a very respectable 9/10. Tks to linkers.
I think this got a lot of guff when it was released and I thought it a little hollow myself. But now coming back to it I find it to be extremely satisfying. There are very few sci-fi movies on this level and this one has some brilliant details. I like the Engineers and the refocus of the beginning of the Aliens. The visuals are ridiculously spectacular and read as real, unlike so many of the other big movies today, which are too fast.
Worth another watch and we can pray for more.
That was quite disappointing, good visuals but the plot line was "turrible". Slow with a bad ending.
The original script with no interferences from Damon Lindhoff is much, much better. That man just can't write a good script. He messed up Star Trek 2 aswell and Prometheus could've been epic instead of great. That said the movie is very good if you can forgive the little stupid errors that make no sense. Visuals and athmosphere are top notch, acting is great especially from Fassbender and i would love to see a proper sequel to this. Just don't involve Lindhoff please,
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