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Princess Protection Program 2009

A princess whose country has been invaded goes into hiding in Louisiana, where she has to learn to act like an ordinary teenager...

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i hate demi's smile .. eww !!

Disney has completely lost touch with reality, and tries so hard to be politically correct, it is insultingly obvious. This is a silly film, so predictable and nauseatingly Disney.
It was a pretty bad movie. Few parts were funny, but was not good

The story takes place in South America in the fictional country of Costa Luna. A girl named Rosalinda who is the princess of Costa Luna is gonna become queen, but is interrupted when Dictator Magnus Kane and his henchmen attack the castle and arrest Queen Sofia, Rosalinda's mom. Rosie is then taken by the guards of what is called the Princess Protection Program, an international program for endangered princesses around the world

The antagonists are Brooke and Chelsea, 2 mean preppy girls that humiliate Carter, a tomboyish girl. Brooke and Chelsea remind me of Trixie Tang and Veronica Star from Fairly Oddparents. Brooke is Asian just like Trixie and mistreats Chelsea just like how Veronica is treated

Back to the thing. I spot 2 wrong things. 1. In the Americas, there is no royalty 2. You can't become a queen when you have a surviving parent. Sure her dad is dead, but her mom is alive. Your parents have to be dead so you can be a queen

I didn't like how Demi spoke Spanish. It sounded too stereotypical, as me being Spanish, I didn't like that

I also don't like how they put the name Costa Luna, it sounds the same as Costa Rica. Couldn't they think of a more original name, I mean, the creators of the Adrenalini Brothers thought of a very original name and its complicated too. Its call Rendoosia

Overall I give it a 40/100. Some of the things were funny, like when Rosie pushed Trixie.. I mean Brooke into the pool. She deserved it
Thanks to my tween bopper cousin who she and I were visiting my grandma's house, she put this horrendous film on the television, and boy it was a sellout. It seems like the Disney company will never learn it's lesson and "Princess Protection Program" proves it, serving as another bad "role model" for kids and annoying the hell out of grown-ups and intelligent people.

So in the center of the picture, we have:

1.) A Spanish stereotypical princess who can't even speak Spanish right. (Demi Lovato)
2.) A dull and stereotypical prep (Selema Gomez) who is bullied by even more stereotypical clique snobs. (Jamie Chung, Samantha Droke)
3.) A whiny, bothersome and spoiled teenage queen. (Sully Diaz)
4.) Another Zac Effron. (Nicholas Braun)
5.) A South American general who looks and acts like Adolf Hitler (Johnny Ray)
6.) The fact that this film is a Disney Channel "original" movie.

Twice than three strikes and this film is bad, and I mean It's worse than (or just as good as) Twilight. It's cliche, boring and sometimes racist. Another thing is that I really couldn't understand the plot of the film, and you still wouldn't understand it if you read the synopsis on Wikipedia.

There were some amusing moments, like Chelsea and Brooke's attempts to humiliate Carter (watch the ice cream scene and you'll know what I'm talking about), or when Queen Sophia gets pushed into the pool with her dress on. But the rest was like watching a microwave heat up something for 2 hours.

There was also this one "turning point" in the film when Rosie tells Carter that "it's a little bit about the looks" and more importantly about who you are and being yourself. And after that scene, the two get dressed up and seemed to always care about the looks, even when it means getting angry over someone throwing your dresses out of the car and leaving it on the mud. But surprisingly, at the end of the film, Carter says that your "inner princess" is more important than how you look in front of an audience. How the hell did that happen?!

Well, thats all I have to say about the film. If I had more to say, it would be that the film was a sellout to use Disney pop stars "acting" in a soul-less and meaningless cable television film. In other words, the cash cow never stops begging when his tank is almost full.

Personal Score: 11/100
Critical Score: 15/100

"Horrible" (10% range)
"Sellout Sucker"
"Class of Cliches"
"The Disney Apocalypse"
Perhaps some of the worst acting I've ever seen. What have Disney Channel movies come too...
This movie is ridiculous. Just plain ridiculous. This is probably the worst movie I have seen this year. I cant even believe my sister likes it.
Rapido e eficaz: Programa de Prote
It's just another Disney movie.
A very unoriginal Disney movie, a tramp and a princess switch lives, I wonder how many times I heard of that!
I was very dissapointed by this movie. I expected alot more from this, but its was mostly boring and mediocre. It was'nt horrible, there were some parts that were a little interesting. But overall, there is'nt much of anything memorable about it what so ever. Selena Gomez wasted her talent in this movie, but she had fun doing it, as her best friend Demi Lovato was in the movie as well.

I give this movie a 4 out of 10
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