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Very fun movie. If you like action adventure, you'll love it.
Oh I Loved this movie! Disney sure, but its sexy leads, good story and adventure is a splendid cocktail!
Oh almost forgot. I was quite surprised by this one. Decent story and action overall. Have to admit I've watched this more than once. And that girl from Byzantium: Gemma Arterton is hot as always to boot.
@samurai2013 I am not a mod or admin but I'm dieing to know what ya mean Sammy.
kind of cute movie.... better than i was expecting
eniloracdeleon top notch......clearly a favorite forever. Every part had a great hand in it.
@Brianthelyon and don't you 'love' the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton!? may I say SPLENDID!(sorry if it sounds 'corny' and there's a 'pun') :D ~.^ :3
One of my favorite's! played the pc game and loved it also. I second that about sequels!! Way cool fantasy and really well done.
Well all I can say is....I ABSOLUTELY AND EXTREMELY LOVE THIS FILM/MOTION PICTURE! hope they do 'several' sequels of this!(well it's 'based' on a video game so it's NOT POSSIBLE......PAGING/CALLING DISNEY!) :D ~.^ :3