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7/10 Fun, graphic novel-type of film. The vampires look cool. Bettany is cool as the Priest. Plain old light fun.
i agree.. as films go this was super entertaining and worth the ticket price when i went to see it.. 8/10
Turned out WAY better than I had anticipated, thankfully.
It kept me visually entertained.
Decent Horror, Action, SciFi
i saw the movie when it first came out, this kind of movie is what i love
Maybe because I didn't expect much after seeing a trailer, sat down with no expectations and got pleasantly surprised. This film might not be a runner for the Oscars, but it has decent special effects, solid storyline, vampires are sleazy, and Karl Urban is, well...Karl Urban. (o.o,)
Now I know where the outfit idea for one of my games came from.
Wasn't what I expected.Okay watch though.
A good adaptation of comic book story to movie, entertaining, fun, bit slow in parts,good CGI, with hints of "Blade Runner" and "Cowboys versus Aliens"
I usally like vampire movies but with Paul Bettany in the lead.... Think i'll pass.
Not bad but they could have done more with this story...
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