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i saw the movie when it first came out, this kind of movie is what i love
Maybe because I didn't expect much after seeing a trailer, sat down with no expectations and got pleasantly surprised. This film might not be a runner for the Oscars, but it has decent special effects, solid storyline, vampires are sleazy, and Karl Urban is, well...Karl Urban. (o.o,)
Now I know where the outfit idea for one of my games came from.
Wasn't what I expected.Okay watch though.
A good adaptation of comic book story to movie, entertaining, fun, bit slow in parts,good CGI, with hints of "Blade Runner" and "Cowboys versus Aliens"
I usally like vampire movies but with Paul Bettany in the lead.... Think i'll pass.
Not bad but they could have done more with this story...
The movie entertained me for hour and some-odd minutes I watched it. I think part of what killed it for me was that I just couldn't stop thinking about Paul Bettany's role as the smart ass hype man in A Knights Tale. Still not a horrible flick by any means if your in to the vampire sci-fi adventure quests.
and i give this movie 1/10 :D
I really dont know what to say about this film its a vampire film and typical bettany film average.
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