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nice movie love it .
What a thrill ride. Great from begining 'till the end. The bad cop is the same prob. off. from Boardwalk Empire. He's real easy to dislike. Has that kinda face.
OMG! this was great!
This is just a simple easy to enjoy movie. Nothing complicated about, but a pleasant way to spend 83 mins. It has some paint-by-numbers qualities, but just relax, turn that part of your brain off and you'll enjoy allthemore.

Very good movie!

i thought it was a pretty good movie nice work... 8/10

Good movie. 8 out of 10

Not bad, dragged on long time, the ending is alright. I hate when actors make me feel frustrated and thats how Joseph made me feel with his acting. Played an asshole in this film. Never see his face during the bike tricks either. 6/10

Not bad, dragged a bit towards the end but it's definitely something unique and fun to watch. 7/10.

not a bad movie :) :) gets the adrenaline going lol.. waiting for those crashes.. lol :)

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