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Poseidon 2006

On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner, Poseidon, capsizes after being swamped by a rogue wave. The survivors are left to fight for survival as they attempt to escape the sinking ship...

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I thought that i'd put a link here incase someone doesn't find link above that he likes to use.
good site with alternative versions. easy to use at all ways and picture is good and so is sound. I have nothing bad to say about this. be my guest and try!
Who knows what people were thinking 6 years ago, sha777. Maybe 1 page essays earned extra special brownie points back then. Personally, I like short, pithy comments too. And, I agree with you that this is a pretty good movie. The Kurt Russell scene at the end is very memorable.
Remakes and counting...

Posiedon - this movie was actually remade in 2005 for TV. No one saw it I'm sure (Steve Guttenberg was in it and no one has seen a Guttenberg film on purpose since 1985) The original disaster film (circa 1972) The Posiedon Adventure, was a thrill ride back then. This one I may go see at a matinee. The effects are bound to please. For those calling it Titanic re-duxe, you are all WRONG! The Posiedon not only had a completely different plot but it had an All Star Cast. For those of you not familiar with the term,in an ASC (as we like to call it) holly-would places a group of 5-10 "well known" actors into a nasty or funny situation (if you remember Cannonball Run) and either kills them off in horrible ways or gives them a prize at the end of the film. No one knows who will win/survive. This is a different concept from the "slasher" movie where the budget is lower and the cast is not "well known" to the vast majority of the public. Remaking Posiedon is not going to change the world...however...

The Omen - the only thing I like about this is that the release date is 6/6/06. It's clever, but I do believe that the same thing was done for the first film (6/6/1976) Here, I insert a quote from kingmattress of IMDB : RIP Omen 1976-2006
"This is a memorial to an amazing piece of horror movie making. One of my favorite movies ever. As I'm sure you all know, The Omen has been remade. It will now go the way of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, The Fog, The Hills Have Eyes, and all of the other great horror films of yesteryear that will now be forgotten by a new generation for this new load of crap because it's newer. Casual movie watchers will no longer watch this. Unless they're horror movie buffs, purists, or appreciative of classic films, people will choose the new one. "

As some one else pointed out, what's next? Citizan Kane starring Jude Law?
We as movie goers owe it to these fine old works - we should BOYCOTT remakes of CLASSIC FILMS! With all the original screenplays out there BEING IGNORED, it makes me sick when they choose to rehash TV and classic films for the big screen -
Alfie? total flop
The Fog? terrible
Amityville Horror? weak
Dukes of Hazzard? why?
The A-team? I don't need to see it, but I can't stop the machine...or can I?
Dallas? ridiculous
Bewitched? be-f***ed up

I also agree with those of you out there who said that holly-would could easily take on films based on classic horror such as House of 1000 Corpses.

The on-going problem in holly-would is that people in charge don't know when to stop remaking and rehashing. Take 13 Ghosts for example. I liked the remake. Why? Because quite frankly there was alot of room for improvement. The House on Haunted Hill? Didn't see the remake, but the first one wasn't scary at all. The Haunting? Now they should have left that one alone. It's like they just don't know good film from bad film. But we do.
The American public is constantly being bashed as a bunch of wastoids. 70% of us may not know where Mississippi is on a map, but damn it, we KNOW entertainment. Start acting like it and DON'T GO SEE THESE MOVIES!
Directed by Wolfgang "Water Tank" Petersen (Das Boot, The Perfect Storm) and written by Mark Protosevich from the novel by Paul Gallico (which also served as the source material for the 1972 original), Poseidon (notice the missing "Adventure" in the title) is an all action, no character development, lean blockbuster/remake of the 1972 semi-camp "classic that clocks in at equally lean one hour and forty minutes (almost half the length of James Cameron's bloated, self-indulgent paean to dime store romanticism, Titanic). First things first, though. How exactly did we get to another (reputedly) $150-million dollar entry in the summer sweepstakes?

Once, not long ago, the 1970s became the golden age for big-budget disaster flicks, starting, appropriately enough, in 1970 with Airport, a disaster-in-the-sky, multi-character soap opera that featured pretty faces, mid-level stars, and fading actors hoping for one last paycheck. Audiences lapped it up (three sequels followed in '75, '77, and '79, each one more preposterous than the last). Producers took notice, as did book publishers, who happily cranked out disaster-centered potboilers. Screenwriters got to work on duplicating Airport's formula for commercial success (e.g., The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, The Swarm, When Time Ran Out).

Two years later, TV-producer-turned-disaster-flick specialist, Irwin Allen (Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) released The Poseidon Adventure. With a high-concept premise (an overturned ocean liner), generous budget, and fading actors (e.g., Ernest Borgnine, the incomparable Shelley Winters), plus future Oscar-winner Gene Hackman in the lead, Allen scored a sizeable hit with The Poseidon Adventure. More than thirty years later, someone, somewhere decided that The Poseidon Adventure was ripe for a money-generating remake (this time, though, without the "Adventure" in the title).

Poseidon wastes no time (and by "wastes no time" this reviewer means about 15 minutes of onscreen time) before a rogue wave (a tsunami in the original) hits the state-of-the-art ocean liner. Characters get all of one or two establishing scenes before disaster strikes. Character "moments" that reveal backgrounds or inner lives is all but non-existent. In short order, several hundred New Year's revelers aboard the Poseidon are whittled down to less than a dozen intrepid survivors led by the reluctant hero, Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas, runner-up in the Mr. Intensity of the Year Award to this year's presumptive winner, Tom Cruise). A professional gambler, Dylan has no interest in helping others to survive (ergo Dylan's predictable character arc).

Once Dylan and Robert (Kurt Russell, in Bruce WillisArmageddon mode) exchange a few words, Dylan grudgingly allows Robert, Robert's daughter, Jennifer (Emmy Rossum), a near-suicidal businessman, Richard (Richard Dreyfuss, looking frail and old), an attractive single mom, Maggie (Jacinda Barrett), and her son, Conor (Jimmy Bennett) to tag along. The group eventually expands to include Jennifer's boyfriend, Christian (Mike Vogel), a waiter who knows his way around the ship, Valentin (Freddy Rodr
First off, I have fond memories of the original Poseidon Adventure but when you get right down to it all it was an episode of The Love Boat gone horribly wrong.

Poseidon might not have the long character introductions of the original but it does have one thing - an abundance of tension. It was a pretty good action film with no obvious plot holes -- a rarity in today's movies. The effects were blended well with the action and CGI was not overused. I would have liked to see more Kevin Dillon (great in this role playing an obnoxious @sshole) but otherwise I got what I expected -- actually because of the low reviews it's received I got more than I expected. 6.8/10
There's nothing fair about who lives and who dies.

Poseidon is typical of Wolfgang Petersen's films; either they suck or they sink.
By no means a great movie but good fun. Josh Lucas is a solid leading man. Saw it on IMAX which made it even better.
:fresh: I don't know why people are giving this bad reviews. It was much better than the original and was thousands of times better than the piece of crap, made-for-television one. Of course it has flaws. I love the way the entire ship save the ballroom crowd, are dead. Throughout the entire ship, everyone is dead. No one is wounded or alive. I couldn't figure that one out. If you don't expect art, you won't be disappointed. Good disaster flick.
Wow..all I have to say is wow. This had me so worked up. I walk in and what do i see but effects that had been done before..bad acting...and terrible direction. This was fairly entertaing but in big blockbusters there are starting to be great characters and story and this is a step back to 2003. They could have had a reality tv show on who can write the best script and somebody somewhere would of done something better than this. The effects are stunning but catch Mission Impossible or United 93 before it drops off the map next week when Da Vinchi takes over the box office. :down:
Quite possibly the worst movie ever made. So bad it's funny, but not enjoyably so. Do yourself a favor and skip this disaster of a film.