very good cant believe I didn't give this movie a chance.
It's awesome the first time you watch it, if you just want an action flick, watch cops/worlds wildest police chases. They have the same plot.
Your looking at this movie expecting it to be on par with current movies, but if you woulda seen it back in the day your opinion might be different. Its exactly what it is, an early 90's action flick. You have to watch it with the same expectations as watching a classic van damme movie. Or at least thats my take, I still remember what this movie felt like through my 10 year old eyes, and it was awesome, Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, and Gary Busey cmon, 90's action greatness.
I saw this movie recently and still don't know why there is so much (positive) fuss about it. It's not even about bank robbers - it's about a 17 year old (looking) FBI kid who goes undercover as a surfer only to decide to spend the rest of the movie, well, surfing. And having g-rated sex. And generally sucking as an FBI agent, by not caring about blowing his cover or accidentally killing a bunch of random people. He doesn't actually successfully do a single thing, rather, he makes every situation sh-ttier while acting like a drunk male popstar who shall not be named.
and the crackheaded movie purchasing continues....

the getaway ($5) - yeah, i know. but dude....naked kim basinger!

the thomas crown affair ($5) - yeah, i know. but dude....naked rene russo!

heat ($5) - i hardly need to explain purchasing a movie with al pacino AND bobby d. do i?

blade runner d.c. ($2.50) - sci fi goodiness.

point break ($5) - yeah, i know. but dude....naked tank girl!

i also bought Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Season One ($25), but since i've only seen about one episode, i will wait to review it.

i also sent a check off for my copy of Evil Dead 2: Collector's Tin ($30), and will be reviewing it soon.
Arrrrrrgggh.. This movies has been on my "Top Ten" list until now... But I saw it 1 month ago or something.. and.. I don't know why, but it wasn't that great again as I thought it should be... I always thought it was of the best "atmosphere" movies because it had this "surf spirit".. but now, after I saw it again.. it didn't have exactly that feeling I was hoping for.. it was still great though.. but it's no more in my top ten for now..
Any movie that stars Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze is good in my book. :)

Bad acting. One of the worst examples of poorly performed passion between Reeves and Busey..."Are ya MAD?" "YAH!" "...Then let's GET THESE GUYS!" is to laugh.

Dumb. Bullshit zen philosophy from jacked up adrenaline junkies chasin the mondo waves, like harshly, dude. Veteran cop close to retirement....hotshot rookie...bad chief...can there be any more stereotypes? The answer is yes, there are. The love interest storyline is pedantic and puerile, complete with damsel in distress at the end.

Empty eye candy. Oceans, beaches, and some hot times on the old car chase...and running race...and skydive pursuit...and so on and so on

Dialogue! No waves are felt here, save for those of revulsion.

...and yet, the Animated Idiot Man-Child thinks it's fun.

So, even though most of us think it is lame, he loves it so much that the combined score lands a surprising '6'.

HS: 5 (tries too hard to be cool)
BP: 7 (likes idea of travelling bank robberies...votes high to piss off UH)
AIMC: 10 (tee's like a triple scoop ice cream cone!!!)
UH: 2 (under glare of scrutiny, it quickly melts)
PS: No rating..he is, ahem, otherwise occupied

5 + 7 + 10 + 2 + NR = 24/4 = 6

Surf's up, dude.


AIMC: Hey! Why did you change it!!! It says 5 now!!!

BP: Too bad, fuckface. It's 5 now...shut up or I'll make it 2.

AIMC: Nooooo. C'mon! Just leave it!!

BP: Shutup, idiot.

AIMC: Owwww...what did I do??

BP: You and your fucking jammies and pop. Grow up, you fucking disgrace. What's with this childhood regression phase? Not that you could ever be confused with a man, but where is the Man in Idiot Man-Child?

AIMC: Meanie! I never get to talk!! You always put me in the corner.

BP: That's right. I'm going to lock you in the hamper'll be by yourself.

AIMC: come you hate me? What did I do?

BP: Cry, baby. Hahaha. CRY. You are weak! I'm going to lock you up where nobody will ever see you again.

AIMC: NooOOOO I'm scared...don't!!

BP: You better keep your fucking mouth shut, idiot. I'll kill you if you talk!


BP: HA HA HAH!! Stupid loser. Useless idiot.

BP: HA HA HAH!! Dummy. Nobody loves you. You're ugly and stupid. Fat. Slow. Loser!! LOOOOSSSer.

Action / Sport
There has to be somthing said for the dedication surfers have for finding the perfect wave. Many have died trying. I guess you can't make a, spiritual film, about that experince. You have to invite the FBI and Exploite the whole "Renagade life style" by turnning surfers, into criminals. It's got cheesy lines and lost of good guy, bad guy banter gun fights, and surfing.