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Personally, I rank this as one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.
its the bees knees item 9
Very Funny raw humor, cheesy in parts but good fun entertainment, these guys have real chemistry going and it works... 6.5/10 (see also "This is the End". 2013)
wtf...what type of trailer is this?
Ive watched this movie twice, and always ended up falling asleep on the second hour of it.
So I pushed myself to watch it properly this time.
The first hour is proberbly the funniest hour Ive ever had with a movie.
The last 40 minutes are just a waste in my opinion. Very boring and hardly funny. I just wished it would end already.
I couldn't watch the last 30 minutes. A vaguely funny movie that deteriorated into silliness. I equate silly to stupid- my bad.
it's a jewel!! lol
never gets old
I really enjoyed this movie. I was starting to think that these movies were starting to lose ground with me but this movie rekindled my interests. I loved it even though I am not all that into pot jokes but it was good action and I like the emphasis on friendship. I totally fell in love with James Franco, :). Awesome
One of the funniest films I've ever seen. A great mix of comedy and 80's action pastiche. The screenplay was so close to how I act and talk it scared me.
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