Man been awhile since I had seen this ... not to bad... ha ha
Both vodlocker and both Played.to are for the wrong movie. They are for a movie called Play Back.
mel gibson does "nonchalantly dead serious" really well..GREAT LINE..."well then, what good are ya?".

always loved this movie

What a fun ride. I really love this movie. Great to see Gibson in such a different role.
Some awesome one-liners, as well.
Just a great revenge flick, very reminiscent of the 70s style movies featuring the "bad guy" as the protagonist.

Now this is just cool. Gibson is awesome, the story is awesome, everything is awesome. There's just something about narrated movies like this one and fight club, snatch, forrest gump and others that are just so cool. this is definetly going on the top movies list. awesome 10 on 10.

Payback (1999) 6/10
Director: Brian Helgeland
Writing Credits: Brian Helgeland
Cast: Mel Gibson,Gregg Henry,Maria Bello

Well this is a unusual role for Mel Gibson to playing. Based around what you would say bad guy born god. As the film progresses of course. Lots of gun fire and lots of gore. If that kind of stuff floats your boat. Trashy people, and cigarette smoking in pretty much every scene. Trust me, check it out and see how many times a smoke gets light up on screen. Cancer was probably the sponsor of this film.

Mel Gibson is Porter, a ruthless criminal, who is gunned down by his wife and friend after they rob an Asian gang. When Porter survives the attack, he makes it his mission to exact revenge on his friend, who has used the robbery money to buy his way into a powerful syndicate. Added to the mix are crooked police officers, members of the syndicate, and the Asian gang, who are out for a bit of revenge themselves.

Now if you just read the paragraph about the plot up above, explain to me how the hell you manage to do all those things in a 2 hr film? We are talking about a guy who is stealing money from a bum at the start of the film, to knocking off one of the biggest, if not the biggest, drug dealer in the city. I look for a little bit of realism when I watch this types of films, and I didn't seem to see enough of it. Porter is a cool character, and I think the ending was done very good, it's a shame the rest of it was not. They should of tackled something a little bit smaller. Not the kingpin of New York. Come on man. 5/10 Some good scenes, unrealistic though.
Funny and it shows how u shouldn't be a gangster
:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: That really great narriration that they used to use in the 40's, washed out colors, Lots of good gratuitous violence, underworld crime, bad cops. As fun to watch as the book was to read.
There's something unbelievably preposterous about the incidents that happen in a lot of revenge movies, and Payback is no exception. The characters are cartoonish and the traps they lead themselves into are nearly laughable, and the way things are handled by people are completely urealistic. So why do I like this movie? Because writer/director Brian Helgeland (scripted L.A. Confidential and Mystic River) does what needs to be done, he never lets the movie or any of his characters take themselves seriously. This is meant as a pure entertainment piece and it sure does entertain, mainly because they get Mel Gibson in the driver's seat. It's like he was born to play this kind of role and if anyone else tried to do it then it would be an automatic failure.

The tagline is enough to know that its a popcorn movie, "Get ready to root for the bad guy". Gibson is that bad guy named Porter, a sort of good bad guy among bad bad guys as he makes enemies in almost every walk of criminal life...all for a lowsy $130,000. Wait, I'm sorry - it's only $70,000. Porter can't stand it when people don't listen to him. Yes it's only $70,000 that he is out to retrieve from the person who stole it from him, an idiotic thug named Val who also put two bullets in Porter's back. They thought he died, obviously they should have made sure. So he begins an onslaught of revenge that will make him the target of not only Val again, but an Asian gang, some crooked cops, and the mob. The movie scrapes along at a fast and fun pace that is contantly introducing new characters and becoming increasingly addictive until the final satisfing climax. Filling out the supporting cast of 99% cruel and dispicable people is Gregg Henry, Bill Duke, Kris Kristofferson, James Coburn, William Devane, Deborah Kara Unger, David Paymer, and Lucy Liu. The only character that could even be considered a good guy is Maria Bello's. She gives a great performance as a prostitute that Porter used to drive around to different jobs.

This is an ultimate showcase for Mel Gibson and he takes the role and runs with it as fast as he can making this movie a solid piece of action entertainment that has a screenplay full of effective comic tidbits. It's always nice to have a movie like this sitting around for that time when you just don't want to do anything but be entertained.
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